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Do You Have A Dream?…


Do You Have A Dream?


What do you dream of?…  


Do you dream of Tuscany?

of valleys, hills and soaring skies?

Of love, second chances, or long, long goodbyes?

Of silken fabrics flowing in the breeze,

a seaside village and majestic cypress trees?


What is your dream? What pulls you in at night?

What won’t let go and holds on tight?


To dream you must breathe, you must stop and relax…

You must pull up a chair, or lay down on your back

Stare up through the lens of your inner eye

Bask in the glow of an enormous blue sky…


Perhaps your dream is not a place at all

Perhaps it is a calling, a part of your soul

The part that won’t die and needs to hang on

A playwright, an actor, an orator, a song…

A mother, a teacher

Someone you’ve been all along.


Dust off your dreams and don’t let them go!

It is never too late to be the star of your show

Life begins when you do

Nothing can stop you now

Take off the blinders and start heeding your call!


Krista Moore is a Channel, Author, Speaker, Healer. Her latest podcast, “Do You Have a Dream?” airs live on BlogTalk radio Wed. Jan 10 at 7pm ET.

For more, go to www.mooremiracles.com.

Just Love


Message for today, the first day of the Fall Equinox…

Channelled for those in need of encouragement today, and every day.



Just Love

Just Love

When all else fails

Just Love

When you have lost hope and cry tears of despair

Just Love


And tune in to the vibration of love all around

2015-09-03 12.39.20

In nature

In the stream that runs beside you

The cool mist from the water

The sparkling water

The deep green leaves that shimmer up above

That turn to gold and amber


Just Love

When you are knee deep in angst or rage

Just find your stoney nook

Your deep dark place

And let the light restore you

Rock yourself to sleep

Like a little angel who needs holding

Feel the love all around you

Sparkling in the trees

Rock yourself to sleep

And awake

Restored and awake

Ready to give another day

Your little part in the play


Just Love

And all else will go away

And only good comes in its place

Just love until tomorrow

Which brings another day.


Trusting in the Universe

 This year’s ending becomes a letting go, as a new beginning, both ancient and never seen before, turns from experience to expression with God’s grace in tow.  God bless All and Happy New Year!



The language of the universe speaks to me in short-hand,

Miracles flashing like mirrors in retrospect,

Springing up eternal –

Old friends become new again, and

New friends ancient and untold

Unwrap their secrets like fine candy wrapped in gold.


Seeds were planted along the way unbeknownst

And old bristling plants resilient to weather and storm

Broke and departed giving up the ghost

The earth seems hush in winter snow

Ice storm palaces in the trees unite

Sending their trickling dance of delight

Sparkling rich with stories of warm nights

And cold ones causing neighbours to reunite.


Lessons once planned in diligence are cancelled

As eternal students dance like spring in the streets 

Only to meet new ones hiding in their beds at night

Stealing away their sleep

Passages seem warmer as if we have travelled this way before

Ancient palaces and imposing doors 

Protected by trembling keyholes hiding angel’s wings

Ancient roads and delirious streams

Turn from well worn paths to golden streets.


Arrogant plans laugh and dissipate like dreams

As devastation turns with outstretched arms to relief

What once was held sacred and absolute

Twists and turns like a rubber band

Around a child’s fingers

Instantly abandoned for more gainly pursuits.


At some point we turn and ask ourselves

What’s the use?

Planning and devising as if we knew God’s plan entire

Casting our eyes on easy nets

While ancient bands conspire

All in darkness

Or so it seems

As the void becomes well lit

With tiny blazing stars at night

And glorious dawns and sunsets.


Music enters my weary mind

And dances with me for a time

Resting in a universe of stars

Entering into the palace of who we are

Can I ever give up the task

Of trying to outwit the devil and God at last?

Will I ever begin to see

That the palace of the universe of stars is in me?


Trusting in the universe  

As ancient keys pass to the child in me

Rediscovering the magic of eternal grace

Fortune’s tune smiling on an ancient face

Troubled times fall like weeds beneath my feet

As an open heart abandons itself to golden streets

Red purple violet yellow green

All the colours dance inside of me

Red purple oceans of Serene

Colours as yet unnamed and unseen.


Knowledge like an ancient crown returns

As Wisdom dances empty-handed,

Holding the keys to the Universe.



I wish you all a very Happy New year as you find your keys of gold! 



 The Miracle is You

P.S. What did you let go of in 2013? And what if you could imagine would your golden keys open to in 2014?  Write to me below or in private here.  Thank you. And Love.


Prayer of the Mystic

jordan river from yourguidetoisrael

River Promise


Forgive yourself

For you are the river that takes the  bitter route

And finds the ocean swell around you like shoulders

Broadening and holding the most precious child.


Oh river, take me slowly at first

So that I do not get lost in tears of my own abiding

Show me how to wave my arms around rocks and groves

Silver and gold my underlings

Patterns softening and shaping the water

As old batteries are brushed aside

Promises of new year tides


Take me to the one promise I never told

Perfect and flowing 

Ever going

Into the mystic of God’s perfect Arms




The Miracle is You


A Thousand Things

This poem was inspired by an afternoon of water, nature, and the relationship to all things, including Man.  By Krista Moore.


Silent Song – or, A Thousand Things

Maybe I could fall in love with the light

That falls and sways more

readily than my moods

over the dark wicker sideboard.


Dancing in rainbows all around me

While I sit breathing and bare,



The beauty astonishes me

My soul is mute.


 A thousands things run through,

Bright green scary ants

Wispy willows moving in all directions

Red yellow green orange


What is a mystic to do?

You can’t capture it
You become it.


   ~   ~


Whatever pleases me pleases you

But that is not true


So we touch the same water and

see different things

I lie down and you go under

Nobody knows what the other thinks


Change whirls and whizzes all around

We are fixated, but we are not

Our skeletons are sorry

even as our flesh is lazy and lies down.


Can we even drink the same wine?

Mine is a misty black

Yours a solid brown


I can’t lie down with you

I can only love you from this

Solid ground.


I see you cradled in my arms

You are not that fragile now

But you are

I know you are.


Am I a product of my imagination?

Or is my imagination where I belong?


My heart still pains for you

My body is getting smaller

My heart, bigger


I can breathe again

Even though I am not talking to you.


       ~   ~


Each leaf is praying for its release

And I am amazed at its existence.


The thunder is rippling one, two,

Three or four

No one knows where it is coming from

Or for whom.


Do you know all I want to do

Is talk to you?


I can accomplish nothing without

Your mouth, your ears

My song.


I don’t know what this will be

All I know is, I need to unfold

My wings.


I Venture Past

Poetry from Song of the Beloved, copyright 2011, Krista Moore.


I Venture Past


The adventure begins
New life and a
round knob of insecurity

I love to picture puzzles
and then burst those bubbles
venturing above what even bubbles can’t know
or see

I venture past shame and insecurity
past the new story and the old
past everything I knew before and

I venture past stony brooks and seas
old fortresses
barricades and trees
past you
past me

I venture to new solid ground
new escapes
new passageways
I venture around bullies
to open doors once promised me

past windows and doors
past hallways and rooms
past ceilings too
past me
past you

past everything forgotten
and true

uncertain still
but new




Miracle 11: “Mystical, Magical Morning”

Miracle 11 came suddenly, inspired by my friend, Linda LaClaire’s beautiful share of her feast from Miracle 7 “A Feast Within”. This is for you, dear friend, Miracle 11 of  “30 Days of Miracles 2012”.


Step lightly on the world. Don’t tread too heavily

on the morning feast.

Smell the earth,

See the swagger stems sway from a bushel

lightly trespassing

against marigolds and

picture perfect windows panes.


Soften your eyes….  with sweet surprise,

rumbling thunder clouds roll

in, crowding the spaces

once occupied by butterflies.  Run for

cover, little things!

Your vanquished hearts will soon be recompensed

with a burst of sunshine

and  sun droplets.  



 Parade in marigold

philosophy, boundless

energy, storms of

delight, circumspect

entry into a world

of fossils and dreams.

Heartache passed, like dewy

wood gone to sleep.

a hollow log for an

otter’s feast. Sleep

sweet creature,



Mmmm… I am awakened

and renewed silent

though my pen is

gently stirring, stewed.

Books to read, syrupy

sweet delicious buttercups

to eat. Hello to the

coffee grinds and Saturday morning

breeze. Enough, enough to eat.



Ooooh... sweet companion,

this world, our dream.

In You, I see.

Love and suffer nothing, not when

your eyes alight with me.

In You, I



Thank you sweet swell of Life,

for coffee cups and butter-

cups and your words which

haunt and hold me, renewing

my mind. Smell the

earth open on hallowed

ground, opening   W   i   d   e


Mystical, magical morning…


Say yes with me,

Powerfully — profoundly

Boldly, Yes!

Yes, Sweet Life, 




 P.S. What did you notice this morning? What was stirring within your awakened, nourishing Soul Space?  Celebrate your YES below.

Miracle 5: “Cradled Truth”

Miracle 5 of Krista’s “30 Days of Miracles 2012”

Cradled truth in crackling

brilliance like an

egg broken through

the tiny bird with

weak legs –

soul-stirred – loved –

cared for –

flapless –


feed you, keep

you safe and dry –

encourage you –

believe in your

greatness –

give you my


speed you on your


dispel your weakness


Keeper of the Flame.


What longs for you? What do you long for? What calls your Name?  I am here to bear light for you as Keeper of the Flame.

The Miracle Is You