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Finding Your Inner Path

It’s a beautiful new world, have you seen it yet?  Have you walked on the grass even though snow still tickles your nose?  Can you imagine the sun even when there is cloud?  Or a butterfly in winter – or a snowman in summer?  Or a castle in the sky?

The power of your mind is second to none.  The power of your heart, unstoppable. 

I awoke into a new world, even though I slept in the same bed.  My mind asked for something, and the heart shifted – a shift in consciousness, a lightness of being, a transformational path only the heart can take.  

What needed to happen in order to meet it where it was, to transform?  

Like the caterpillar that had been asleep in the cocoon, I awoke and shifted and realized I could bloom – right here in the Great White North – even after an eternal winter and an ice storm to boot.  

Like the first butterfly which fluttered by me a few weeks ago, it is never too soon to spread my wings.  purple-butterfly

As I stood on the path, the snow literally melting from under me, I must have felt like Oloff, the tiny snowman in Frozen, whose love is capable of witnessing such astounding beauty in the middle of darkness and possible death. As the fire literally begins to melt him while rescuing his friend, he says: “some people are worth melting for.”

oloff and anna melting for

My journey into darkness began with an intuitive sense that I had to go within.  Like Elsa, the new and frightened Queen in Frozen who escapes to the mountain to find herself, I needed an uninterrupted line to the Divine, a time to nurture my own soul and find out what I was capable of. Something on the inside needed to find its Reason, its Code, and then find its way home.  It was a deep dive. But like Elsa and the butterfly above, something beautiful emerged…  

elsa magical

Not only did I feel more connected and honest with myself, I also felt my life could change if I really wanted it to, that anything was possible, but maybe I didn’t have to go so far to find out.  I could witness and create this joy and love all around me, if I was willing to “sacrifice” the little, protective self, which hides itself away from life.  

Things that had once plagued me, tormented me, could just as easily be let go of

My heart slowly melted, allowing me to walk in a state of profound grace…  

2014-03-14 10.21.12

Everything suddenly seemed more alive and precious, every face, whether family member or stranger, instantly appreciated and cherished – even if for a moment – like that fleeting butterfly on my path. Warmth traveled from my  heart in a miraculous moment transforming  strangers to friends. 

What once seemed impossible and erroneous is instantly transformed

into a moment of beauty and wholeness.

Need we be literal and change where we are

or are we literally transformed in a moment that takes us to the heart of the matter?

Elsa finds herself lost in her “Kingdom of Isolation”, not realizing she had unwittingly set off an eternal winter in her homeland, while she held her magical gifts hostage to fear.  

In the end, her answer is not to run away to protect herself and others. She must go back and reverse her fear with love, while reclaiming her gifts for Love’s purposes.  

It’s so simple!  And yet, everything changes after that. 

Finding Your Inner Path 

If you have traveled a path of darkness too long, here is how to find that Inner Path of Light and Love, which is born within you and waits for your return: 

1. Question the “reality” of what you are thinking. You are likely wrong about yourself.

2. Let go of needing to know the answers with your head – and put your attention on your heart.  

3.  Reach in and then reach out.  Find your inner sanctum. Find a friend or God and pour it out.

4.  Then pour yourself back out into the world, in a moment of joy, a moment of true sharing.

  All will be transformed after that.

That is why its called a miracle.

Never let go of finding your inner path.  No matter how many times you get knocked back. Your desire and heart know the way.  The winter cannot hold.  The spring always comes.  And there is an eternal spring within that darkness can never touch. Only the heart loves.

Never listen to the dreary drone of nay-sayers or those who would try to “protect” you from wanting or knowing or saying too much – being too much.  Only those who understand your power can appreciate and love you for who you really ar. Never, ever give up on that.

Never let your practical, fearful self keep you from living a miraculous life.  Only your heart can know that, have faith in that, give that. It can go through the darkness, but grows stronger, and reconnects with the world giving its inner Light.

If you are still here, you are on the right path.

And you are in very good company.  🙂

Now go on, melt the world with Love!

Amen to that!


P.S. Remember…  You are a Miracle.  The Miracle Is YOU.  Amen to that.



Miraculous Self-Love Creation

This is an affirmation extraordinaire, one that washed over me like a giant realization, like a bright star, or a person standing in the middle of a river panning for gold and finding a golden nugget so powerful she wanted to share it with the world!


Do you ever feel like you have such a long way to go before you will ever be the person you want to be? Like your mistakes are who you are, and there is “so much more work to be done?”  Not too inspiring, huh!?!…..  🙂

Now consider this:  

Deep down you really are all that good that you suspect is true about you at the best of times, and that you have experienced in glimpses. And the LOVE inside of you never changes and is the only real thing going on…  

You don’t have to wait to have it all figured out before you can BE the LOVE that you ARE!

Even if you are not perfect, there is a part of you that is.  

This part is connected to everything that is good and true.  

It already knows what to do! 

But, knowing this is not enough. You have to access it and really FEEL it to GET it.  How?

To reach this part of you, try the following spoken-out-loud mantra (or positive affirmation), and adapt it to your own words until it resonates with a  big whopping YES! for you….

Time for a little SLC…   Miraculous SELF-LOVE CREATION!

Deeeeeep Breaths.  Put your hand on your heart and stand in strength. Speak these words (or vary) and really feel them until a new understanding starts to land for you….








Repeat as many times as necessary and breathe it in until you can FEEL it in your body…. 


Now, how does that feel?  

This is a huge Miracle of Self-LOVE just waiting to happen!  

Write to me and let me know how it affected you – you can write in the comments below, or send a message using the “Ask Krista” page above.  I would be happy to read your stories and share in the joy and FUN!  

Much Love with this Powerful Self-LOVE Creation! 🙂


                                                                   The Miracle Is You

We are Powerful Co-Creators

What are you connected to?  If you thought about it, you’d realize all the amazing connections you have. Not just business connections, but family connections, spiritual life-changing energy connections, old friends and new. Perhaps even old ones you know newly.  Fresh takes and literal heartbreaks.  

.And then… there’s YOU.  


Your antenna rising, your thoughts and decisions melding and forming all that you say and do.  

The people you don’t know and the people you relate to 

All your dreams and visions come true

And many hesitations, missteps and failings, too.

And there is still, YOU.

Each of us carries this wild and amazing power to greet each day with unbeknownst intention and energy.  

There is a powerful co-creator in you!

Feel it?  The energy rising, the turn tiding, the riding of electric storms passing.  And then, there’s YOU.

All of it, on top of it, ever aware of it, the passing unfair of it, the amazing unfolding of it,

The “I can’t believe it but it’s TRUE!”  YOU.  

Seeing and feeling it, knowing and guiding it, landing and framing it for the Good of  All who see it, too!  

Can you ever get enough of it, why would you ever want to?

The rise and fall of it, on top of it all of it, so much I can’t stop it nor do I want to.  

I don’t have the answer to it, nor do I care to, but still must seek it and see if I want to.  

The come and the go of it, the yes and the no of it, the no I don’t want to and YES I DO!  

The MORE and the MORE of it, the hope and the show of it, the safe and the slow of it, the fast and the GO of it!  

Do you KNOW what you KNOW of it, the more that you SHOW of it, the more that you FLOW with it,  

the more that you GO with it?  

It never, ever ends, the saltry-slippery ends of it, the wishy-washy blend of it, the startling, heart-gripping friend of it.

It wants you to blend with it, write the sky and zen with it, the never-ending friend of it, the lucky, zip-zappity-end of it.


And that’s the Amen of it!


Amen. 🙂



Photo Credit: “Starlight” © Clarita | Dreamstime Stock Photos



krista headshot outside

Krista Moore is a gifted writer, actress, speaker and healer, dedicated to transformation.  She is the creator of Evolutionary Woman workshops and circles, and the Miracle Network “Summer of Miracles” on this website.  She is also a certified Metaphysical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Direction (intern).  She lives with her family in Toronto.

To book a private session or group talk, or to publish her book, Contact Us. 🙂







Sending out the Love

The power of our thoughts can shift the landscape of our minds in the blink of an eye;  but the power of our hearts is infinite. 

What we hold in our minds can create or shatter our world without even “thinking”;  but what we hold in our hearts can uphold and transform it from the bleakest dream to the most heavenly one.

If I rise and think negative thoughts about myself, my day or my community, I will have no life.  My body will not respond with vitality or interest.  But if I rise and shift my thoughts to the truth, that I am a powerful being who can think and create and I have the power of love inside of me – then there is nothing I cannot do.  This day suddenly turns from dullness to daydreams and surprises.

October 21,2007 057

My family is happier. My children laugh and bound in gleefulness. My spouse snuggles up to me in comfort and gratitude. My friends feel seen and heard.  Those hurting come to me and share their griefs and find rest and courage to rise up and do something unheard of, something never before seen. Their hearts are transformed.  Because I said “Yes” to this day, to them, to Life. 


It all begins in the power of our minds.  First we must make the shift. Away from the goo and muck of our ugly thoughts which weigh us down and keep us stuck.  We grab a book, a psalm, a prayer, something that uplifts us.  We make contact.  We feel the ease and swell of truth rise up within us.  It gives us courage to meet the truth and take the next step.

That is the miracle of transformation and the power we all hold… Do we choose to wield it with Love?

If I see a conflict in my world that day, an unhappy sight, a glum child, a depressing situation, a dog that seems to be dying, a a world in distress, a storm that may flood the city (again), I have two choices:  I can join the world in its unhappy song.

Or I can send the vibration of love through it and watch the miracles roll into my shore…

My eyes are opened. I see the truth clearly. I sing the beat of my heart clearly.  I send the vibration of love out to those in need. And I respond with that love when whatever comes comes through me. I am transformed. My world is transformed. I have done my duty and I am freed.


canada day outside house and heather bird 2009 100What can you transform this day if you only give it the energy of your thought, your time, your love? 

What can be completely miraculously shifted into joy and happiness because you showed up?

Every moment a joyful surprise waiting to be opened.

A tear transformed into laughter.  A hostility halted and healed. 

An invitation waiting to be heard and sent.  A celebration mightier than any social event.

That is a dream worth having. 

A power worth all its intent.

A power we are all born with.

Wield it most powerfully.

Wield it with Love. 




P.S. What can you transform today?  What intent are you holding for someone or something?  Hold it with love. Transform it. See it turn into true treasure. Something never before seen. Turn it into Love.  And share your stories or comments below.




The Power of Community

One of the most powerful challenges and blessings of my life is foregoing my self-confessed inclination towards “artistic solitude” for the greater power and purpose of community.  The inward gives meaning and identity; but the outer shoulders the deepest burdens, and carries the greatest visions of the individual and the whole forward.  Greater still, community creates something neither one, in his solitude, could have ever created or imagined alone.

Anything I have ever done worth anything at all has been done in partnership or community.  Anything I ever imagined or dreamed was only ever accomplished by the connection and commitment to and with others for a greater purpose beyond my individual identity.

buddhist monk walkingIn the Shamanistic or Native traditions, there is the wisdom gained through the sole venturer’s “Vision Quest”, a rite of passage to gain spiritual insight or understanding. The wanderer, as in The Man on the Road, ventures out to discover himself, and more importantly, his vision, mission or purpose on earth.  Oftentimes, this time of solitude in nature or on an open road is a testing ground for his or her strength and commitment to the quest.  It also asks to dispel the idea of “failure” of all other mechanisms of survival and success the wanderer had hitherto employed. In other words, his world temporarily falls apart, and what he is left with are the truths and treasures buried deep within.  These he carries forward for the good of all.

As a writer, I am deeply drawn within. On my spiritual quest(s), which never seem to end!, I coil into the heart of the matter, encountering both darkness and light, possibility and failure.  The true test is whether I can bring what I learn to higher ground, to share with my fellow travelers.  At some point, I am joined by those who are walking this path with me, who either need my services, or who provide support to uphold mine in truth.  Each becomes a net for the other, on the deep dive of the soul.  Knowing that we are not alone, we can let go.

Wisdom alone is no wisdom at all. If we are to grow, we must share it and vet it with one another.

I was deeply challenged by the I AM Discourses of Saint Germain received in 1932, which I read on the plane coming to and fro from Boston.  My heart and soul were lifted by the declarations of strength and power emanating from those words of the saints and masters.  “I AM the Beloved. I AM the Resurrection and the Life.”  To say these words, is to declare your freedom.  But to seek truth without extending it, sharing it, living it in relation to others, is not worth the trek.  I know Saint Germain was not intending for us to be sole vision questers declaring our omnipotent power over ourselves and our world.  He was suggesting we claim the power of God within, and not seek it elsewhere.  Brilliant words and wisdom which are certainly based on love of self, God and others, though more from compassion and mental discipline, than a wider sense of true inter-dependence, community and sharing.

What I have learned on my journey is that every ounce of wisdom I have gained has been born of and given in relationship with God and others, as an expression of Union, or overcoming the separation of the self.  To keep it to myself would be very difficult indeed.

Community is to COMMUNE with others.  To identify the unity of our spirits, our sameness, and the truth that is our home.  Once we have entered the cave of our own awareness, we must build a cabin large enough to contain the whole, if we are to live in love, wisdom and harmony in this world.

As I emerge from my soul ventures, I long to share with others. I long to hear the conviction and courage that is incited by conversation, and sometimes by wordless understanding.  That is communion, or community at its most sacred.  Just as Tibetan monks or initiates challenge and question each other or their teachers, we too can hold our truths or solitary flames to the light of greater community.

Sometimes I walk my own way sure of my solitary path; other times I am honed and convicted, made clearer by the connection.

Community may come from a church, a synagogue, a sports team, or a mountain top with the birds.  I have found community in partnerships with loved ones, perfect strangers and online self-forming groups who gather of like mind.  I have also found it in yoga studios, and in circles I have formed out of sheer intention and will.

However you find community, I encourage you to reach out.  And if you have not yet begun your vision quest, or found your true purpose, community is one way to enter in and discover what yours may be all about.

toronto labyrinth community

Toronto Labyrinth Community

Like a giant circle or labyrinth, we may walk to the centre in a circuitous path, and we may spend some time alone receiving our answers before we venture back out.  But if we notice as we go, others are walking the same path. Their discoveries may differ, but the path leads to the same goal.  And if we fall back, someone will be walking behind us to give us strength, or ahead of us to spur us on.

In Jesus’ words in A Course in Miracles, “Salvation is in your brother,” meaning in our ability to love and forgive, and to receive from others.  As I say, “Love is a shared reality. You cannot love alone. It must be shared if you are to know anything at all.”

Thank you for sharing and venturing with me!










The Energy of BEING

What does it feel like to just Be?

A dear friend of mine, Santari Green reactivated that very feeling in me recently. I was struggling with the idea of controlling events, planning and shaping the future. Not quite “showing up to the party of life” as it were.

I ran an energy experiment in my body. I had been feeling a weakness on my right side. First I tune in and become fully present, listening to what is happening, what it is “saying to me”. Then I respond from a deeply honest place and a powerful “intunement” rises within me, runs through my right side and  fills my entire body and mind.  I am sparkling and alive!



Now that’s results. Being equals doing. First the being, then the doing. The energy animates me to get whatever I need to do done in an energy of possibility and joy. Nothing feels impossible to me. I am leaping for joy!

I also know that if I do this my body will heal naturally and I will be more effective and magnetic in everything I do. My only job then is to remember to tune in, listen and respond from this deeply powerful place. To Be the Presence.

He then said, “What if you were like this all the time?”  Hmmmm… some pretty fine words to ponder. What if I could be that powerful, all the time… Why wait for an event?, or another reason to feel that good, that alive, that “on” without trying? Why not show up to the party of life as the gift ALL THE TIME…?

Let me first BE and see what the energy brings, if it feels inevitable like a hose running smoothly over the surface of the grass, raising vibrations, raising the green pigment to the surface and shining its way through the breeze. Thirst quenched, satisfied, dripping with possibility. Mmmmm…..

Do you remember the Mmmmmmsss….?  I miss the Mmmmmmmmmmsss.  Well, Here I Am again!

Thank you, Santari, for a wonderful carpet ride of magic possibility. Can’t wait to share more dreams and vision, wait! more possibilities – no, wait! More Beingness, Power and Presence, right here, right now, with You.



P.S What does BEING “do” for you?  How can you “Be” more often, more still, more present, more powerful? What would happen if you could be this way all the time? 

Write your answers below. 🙂

Miracle 21: “Second Chance”

Power & Love cards – Goddess Tarot

If you could revisit a part of your history, would you? Or be given a second chance to get it right, now, in the present. Completely new. Forgiven. Would you?

There are parts in my history I can’t yet talk about. I write them for myself. They are hard lessons, and sometimes, even the most miraculous events. But they are personal. And so I shield them, even from myself. When something goes awry, or is misunderstood, there is a vacancy, a request, a longing. An unfinished story that needs entering into.

Or does it? Is it dead or just resting? Is it dangerous, or a calculated risk, one worth taking?

These are the questions which plague me sometimes on my live wire of life. (Was very glad the fine young gentleman, Nik Wellanda made it across Niagara Falls! Believe me, I was holding my breath, but I knew he wouldn’t fall).  It was a part of his history too, and a part of his destiny. It took guts, faith and charisma. And he didn’t fall.

What makes us great when we’ve made a mistake, or think we haven’t lived up to that call? Do we try again? Do we risk it all? Risk the fall? Or take another route, find another way?

When I listen, this is what I hear:

You didn’t make a big mistake. You arrived here, that’s all. You were brave. You just miss it, but you haven’t missed anything at all. You only think you missed it, but maybe “it” missed you, maybe you’re the one whose

worth all the trouble, who’s got it all. Maybe your happiness is realizing there’s nothing “out there” at all. All your guts, charisma, chutzpah, dynamism, skill, lighting rod smile – all of it – is in here all the while. It’s waiting for YOU to come out, to visit  – that’s all. You haven’t missed IT!

You have a second chance to come out of hiding – THAT’S ALL!

Wisdom card – Goddess Tarot

This is one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned. I often given credit to other people for my progress, my breakthroughs, my good times, even my talent or abilities. I forget that what they were so struck with when they met me, and what made me feel so good about myself, was them recognizing my true self.  They let my light shine – or I did!  Their gift in the relationship was calling me out of my shell, helping me see myself more clearly, giving me a little push – or pull out of that well.

No one can make you who you are. And no one – I mean no one, can take who you are away from you.  Your life is never over just because someone else moved on – or you.  Your life has just begun – again and again and again!

I feel calmed and happy to know that I will always have great people in my life who make me feel good, and I’m grateful. But when I’m missing someone, or feel I’ve done something wrong, or missed an opportunity, I know, I know, I know – I have to stop pretending – I didn’t do something wrong – I did what I had to do to move on.

And sometimes my miracle or second chance is not reconciliation or remembering, but Revelation. Illumination – on a part of myself I left behind, on the truth of what still lies ahead.  I recover her (my true, vulnerable self), dust her off, love her, heal her, dry her aching bones and give her a nice back massage.  Speak from the sore-heart places and resurrect her dreams and visions. And when I am done I don’t feel I’ve missed anything at all. I feel I’ve recognized, finally, again, maybe for the never last time, a new YOU/ME/IT – the vanquished dream has come to life again, and my second chance is a banquet.

I am host, and you’re invited!



 What is your second chance about? What part of yourself did you only think you left behind? How about drawing him/her back out and giving yourself another chance.




Miracle 10: “Awake!”


Never doubt the Light in you
You may wallow and be sick
Frightened or weak
You may crawl and wonder where you are
Or what God made of you
But God has a plan unfolding
That you cannot see
You may not have dreamed it yet
You were sleeping
He is Awake
Awaken and Rise
You are fallen but not dead 
The plan is waiting
Your dream is to inspire
Full of fire
Water and bright air
Never wait
Don’t waste your fire on the undesired
 – Krista Moore