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Inner Journeys of the Heart & Soul

I have always been a soulful person. It never occurred to me to be anything but.  For the last four years I have been taking people on outer journeys through spiritual retreats to beautiful destinations.  

Although this is a wonderful way to connect and be away from our lives and experience something new, what really happens is we go on an inner journey of the heart and soul.

A friend/client said to me today, “Every time I am in one of your groups, I just sit down and cry.” Why is that? Do I say something terribly offensive or frightening?! (I hope not!) “No…” he said, and I knew what he was talking about. There is an unspoken intention to connect deeply, a feeling of safety to shed the masks we all wear, and to dive deep into the work of the soul – where our hearts have permission to express themselves and let go…

The truth is, I can do this work anywhere, or nowhere. Sharing the heart and soul is truly what I love to do, and what I’ve been doing since I was a kid. I write about it, act about it, talk about it, sing about it, and ask questions about it, lots of questions, to try to delve into the ‘heart’ of it.  I describe this work as ‘transformative’. That is not a fancy word for different. It means something is revealed to us on the inside, so that things no longer feel the same on the outside, and because of this, our outer world changes as well, sometimes significantly.  What changes is me, not the people, places or things around me.  

Actually, I just become myself!

Let me give you an example:

You can go away for a vacation. And it is a wonderful vacation, with a beautiful beach, sunsets, poolside drinks. You may feel relaxed, at ease, comfortable. You may even have entertaining guests and friends to get along with and go on adventures with. This may be cathartic to some degree, and it may be just what you need. But when you get back to your life, was it truly transformative? Or do you go back to your routine and responsibilities and forget what happened…

A transformative adventure starts on the inside – even if it is done in an external environment. The environment may be conducive, it may be special in some way, it may trigger our ability to connect because of its spiritual, evocative or authentic nature – just enough to peel off our false selves and inspire a true way of seeing or being. The transformation doesn’t end when you get home. It intensifies because you have shifted.

Why do I want to change anything at all? I don’t. What I really want to do is be honest. And I guess that is what I give other people permission to do as well – to just be themselves: to cry, to laugh, to wonder, to witness, to be confused, to be fascinated, to be inspired, to be lifted. So it is not something different we are acquiring – like a new skill or talent or a new dress;  what we want is something we all yearn for, seek for, live and die for:

We all want love. 

And in that process of discovery, which is a lifelong one, when we find ourselves a little less frightened, and feel safe to ‘come home’, we can uncover our spiritual essence, our true nature and gifts, our real and raw selves just as we are…


At this moment, I have no outer journeys lined up, other than in my own town! I am exploring the inside more and more, and inviting others in. To come out of hiding and find out what it feels like to just be loved.

Not everyone wants to share, and that is perfectly alright. What I have found in my groups, is that when someone has a moment of truth, when they share of their heart and soul, something magical happens: we fall in love with them and each other. It happens again and again. We forget where we are, whether sitting in a living room or a fancy hotel, or outside under the stars. Suddenly our hearts are so much bigger, and the tasks so much easier because we can be ourselves. Because we listened and witnessed. Because we loved.

That is the spiritual path I am on. I invite you to join me as we cross our paths in this moment, finding the truth and the beauty of it all. The wonders to behold. Whether happy or sad, in understanding or in pain, the soul is the most beautiful creation, and only longs to be itself. My job, my purpose, my quest, is to bring mine home to itself. Where we are all connected in the deepest ways, beyond the shifting of time and space. There is nothing I would rather do, write about, or talk about. Nothing in the world. There is nothing more precious than your soul.


If you are interested in Inner Journeys of the Soul, contact Krista.



The Life of the Soul

A study of the soul, by Krista Moore. For those who are struggling on the path of awakening, and wondering why you don’t feel good, or if you are doing it “wrong”…  Hopefully this will give you comfort and faith for the journey.


I have never questioned the existence of a soul. One has only to spend a little bit of time with me while I am brooding on the meaning of it all to know the depths the soul can live. A scientific mind too has a soul – it simply finds its answers in the known universe, which even then, boggles it from understanding anything at all. But it is not just answers the soul seeks. It is experience. A feeling of fullness, wholeness, freedom from any questions.


The soul is the part of us that exists within and beyond the body. It cannot be contained, which is often why it causes us such misery in contemplating its deeper wants and existence. If our life, in comparison to the soul, is somewhat contained, and contrite, and deals in shallow, known waters; if it does not surface to explore the depths and chooses to remain hidden from us, we will feel as if there is a hole in our very being, a vacuous tent with no furnishings, no music, and no food to keep it from starving. This too is an exercise of the soul, to awaken us to something deeper. It may be painful, but it is a necessary step in showing us the difference between meaning, and a world without it.


What does the soul love more than anything else? To know itself. To extinguish the false, and to disappear into the blazing light of truth. It is a difficult master, and has no mercy on those who cling to childish things. There is no joy that does not come at the cost of giving up the meaningless. True joy is what the soul feels, when we are washed in its light, free to do its bidding, and share the gifts only spirit brings. True joy comes from union with God, its creator, Source of all things. When the soul is lit, it is capable of great joy, and wants only to share itself and experience all with great abundance and clarity. It is wise, expansive, jovial and alive. Not every soul experesses itself this way, but I believe, in its truest light, unguarded and unbounded, every soul is capable of this.


How does one, who has not yet had this feeling, come to experience the soul? If they have cried or lost anything, they have experienced an opening of the soul. The challenge is not to shut down the tiny crack that has been opened by heartache or disappointment, and instead to feel even more what that heartache or disappointment is pointing toward. If it is a loss of love, or death we have experienced, the soul teaches us that we have loved and lost to learn something. In the absence of that love, we feel torn apart. Any separation on the earth plane from those we love feels like the separation from God, even if we don’t believe in Him. If you have ever experienced loneliness so deep you thought you were going to die, you have experienced this separation, which all humans suffer at one point or another. It is a temporary condition of our corporeal lives, a trick of the body that says we are separate from one another, and different from everything we see in the physical world. Our bodies seem solid and real, while our minds seem able to go from one unrelated thought to another. While we sleep our minds visit other places and dream of unknown things. We never realize that the mind never sleeps, and is the shepherd of the soul’s deeper longings. Hopefully it is a good sheppard, and we can keep what is important to us close at hand, if not close in our hearts.


In our vulnerability and loss, we can find the key to our soul. Like a child finding a seedling in the garden, and planting it in a deeper hole so that it will grow, we can dig a little deeper and find true shelter for our soul. Our hearts can open even wider, stretch us even more profoundly. Where we thought it was time to walk away from such “negative” feelings, we must examine the deeper longing underneath the belief that we are alone or that we will never love again. To be loved is the natural state of the soul. To be in a constant stream of consciousness which is ever reaching and expanding itself, is the natural state of the mind. This is only painful-seeming to us as humans who have limited ourselves to what feels comfortable and certain, rather than be faced with the uncomfortable reality that we don’t know anything. Better to not know and ask a deeper question, then to bury our dreams and let them pass us by. If instead we plant our hopes, our intentions, even our pains, by digging into the heart and feelings, we will be rewarded with happy tears as well as hope springing from the soul’s eternal ground.


So our job is not always to feel pleasant and happy – though we may end up there after the work is done. Our real job is to find everything standing in the way of that happiness, and admitting to ourselves where we have fallen short of the soul’s natural unfettered state of joy, and asking ourselves why we have done that? If we feel we are undeserving of such happiness, or that such freedom is impossible in the world, we will continue to suffer, and the soul will or will not keep showing us the other way. Let us hope it continues to push us deeper and away from our comfort, and out into the open where life breathes, and love is self-renewing. And the world is but a temporary playground where we can learn our lessons and become more and more acquainted with our soul.


What can we hope to expect if we do not give up? A window into the soul is a window indeed into another universe of things. Past, present and future seem to meld into an eternal mix of possibilities. What seemed broken and inconsolable can now mend. Hearts once closed and swept so clean they seemed hospital sterile can be flooded with new love as green and productive as a wild spring. Rushes of hope can lead to unexpected visitors and companions on the journey back to our true self. What felt lonely and uncertain, now feels warm and inviting, a great source of material for bonding with our fellow humans. And courage comes, too. Out of the depths of all that lay waste, pale yellow fruit pops from the ground and raises itself up to the light above, filling with the juicy stuff of life that one can simply taste or share with the whole group. We discover that we have been grown in the process, and taught to live. And if we are very “lucky” (meaning willing and ready), we may even break the bonds of the earth for a time and, experiencing ourselves as pure soul, take flight.










Part II – Meeting Your Soul Companions

Have you ever met someone you instantly “knew”, someone you felt a deep connection to, that could not be explained by time or circumstance?

In Part II of my new Spiritual Soul Series (continued from “Part I – Miracles as Messages and Signs”)  I discover how sometimes God sends us angels, and sometimes Soul Companions to help remind us who we really are…


hampton jutney

  When I boarded the Hampton Jutney from New York to Southampton, I somehow knew it was going to be the trip of a lifetime, not because of what it was, but because of who I was becoming.

As I picked up my pen and notebook and sat back in my seat, a deep peace enveloped me, and I intuitively wrote:

  I am walking into the Arms of God.”

 You see, my soul was already readying itself in a beautiful state of awareness, one which notices the higher vibrations of life as it is unfolding, and is ever alert to God’s presence everywhere – the people on the bus sleeping or eating, the cars moving beside us on the road, the rain slapping against the bus driver’s windshield. All was like a native dance and I the initiate. I really had no agenda of my own, but was totally open and willing, with the constant prayer of “My life is yours. Please show me the way. Amen,” whispered on my tongue.  

When I got to the retreat, I was instantly happy.  I hadn’t even done anything yet!, but I had arrived.  My mind felt fresh and unburdened by the usual routines of life, the fears of everyday existence and worries about the future.  I was immersed in the present, with a pure feeling of joy!  

I found my dorm and flopped on my hospital-like bed with gratitude.  A place as clean and unwritten as I felt – an open slate.  I felt as fresh as a young student ready to learn and absorb everything. Nothing could have pleased me more.  

Out on the open patio at the conference centre, I met my fellow “students”.  I am not much of a small-talker, and often find large crowds uncomfortable, unless I am able to just be myself.  So I was!  With no pretense, I just approached a few people at a time. I heard one man talking and joking nearby, so I went and spoke to that group.  I listened as usual before saying anything. I like to gauge the feeling, the energy of a room or group, before I engage.  I had no trouble in this instance, and as some of the people moved on, this man and I began to talk and share some of our background and why we had come to the retreat.  

I felt an instant connection, like I had known this person a million years (I probably had!). As we spoke, more information was revealed, and before I knew it we were walking on the nearby beach of Southampton at lunch sharing our stories and deeper spiritual understandings. I felt I had met a true Soul Companion…  


We returned to the village and walked the charming streets. He shook his head in amazement as I spoke, deeply appreciating what I had to say about everything, and understanding the deep emotional content.  He reassured me there was nothing wrong with my head, and that who I was was truly special and amazing.

I asked him what he meant.


“You are like a giant sun,”  he said.  “radiating out in all directions.”

I had never heard anyone describe me like that. I felt not only validated, but loved as a unique  human being and even Spirit.  It gave me confidence not only in myself, but that greater inner urging that I needed to continue on my Spiritual path…  

When I got home, life seemed to return to “normal” for awhile, hectic and crazy at times, then lonely and boring. I wondered what was happening to my inner world? I knew something was up, because that inner urging led me to begin chanelling new writings, poetry, ideas and visions that seemed to drop from heaven above – ideas which led me to find or create new communities where I would meet even more of these beloved Soul Companions who were just waiting for me beyond the horizon…

I never would have predicted what these new ideas and special connections would mean to my very Soul or future; how they would catalyze me into my true purpose here, affect so many others with my emerging gifts, and catapult us into the incredible Journey to come…


To be continued…. 


Go to Part III

Go back to Part I



 P.S. Have you ever met a soul companion and felt instant love and recognition?  Write to me below or share your journey here.


The Desire for Freedom

It occurs to me that I am a very fortunate person. Not just materially – though all my needs are taken care of and always have been – but my soul needs, or the needs of my emotional and mental self, my Spirit. This to me, is the essence of Freedom.

A few years ago, well more like fifteen, this was not necessarily so. It took great hardship emotionally and spiritually before I was able to let go of what was not in my best interest, which led me to the freedom I have now.

I remember working in an office job in my early 20s and wondering how I was going to get out of there. I had everything to look forward to but no idea how to make a living or a life outside of that office environment. In my heart and soul I was an artist, a writer, a secret truth-sayer and heart-soother. I loved to hear people’s stories and help them see themselves more truly, to help them break out of their own self-made prisons.  But here was I, in the same boat really, though I had a vision of a distant shore…

In that space of Mind-knowingness I spoke of things to come as if they were real. My journals were full of heartache and visions of surrender and life as it was supposed to be.

At the height and heart of it: Freedom.

How did I get here from there?  That makes me laugh when I think of it because it is a metaphysical impossibility! I always was here, I just had to shed a few layers of stuff before I was able to really surface and trust.

Now I feel that I am knowing this from a lifetime of experience, both of the physical/material suppression of trying to survive and “make a living” or “figure things out”, to the reality of being exactly where I am for a reason, and walking in the grace of knowing the past is nothing to the freedom of what I am Being in the present.

In other words: Here I Am.

No other words can describe it I guess, the power of when I just “Show Up”.  When I have the skill and knowing and courage to speak from this place without any care for what comes next or who is judging, or any other context.

The only sacrifice of freedom is letting go of what you don’t want

How can you get to this place of deep knowing and trust?  Try gliding into it with razer-sharp smoothness, balancing it on your tippy-toes while making something for dinner, or telling the truth to someone you love.  Try finding those who are sympathetic to your cause and can point you in the right direction – those who say, “Yes… All-right, and… I can help.”

Confess your Cause to someone, step into the unknown and give up something unwanted. Take a leap into far-distant futures not yet born but conceived in your all-knowing Minds-Eye.  Take a birds-eye view and deliberate on something you have never thought of before.

What is this string that is binding you? Guilt? Cut it. Melt it. Sell it. Meld it. Tie it up in a nice green bow and give it back to where it came from. Thank it, forgive it, walk with it, talk with it, carry it, say you’re sorry, and move on.

You don’t have to live in bondage anymore – you don’t have to live your life alone, or in sorrow. You are not alone. You are never alone.

What is freedom then? The recognition that you can have what you want, but better still, that you already have it on some deep level, and when you get that, the real surprise is…. You ARE it.

And that, as they say is I Am.



P.S. Do you have a story about how you lept out of bondage to a life of greater freedom? Or would you like to take a first step? Share your thoughts and insights below. Being in a community of like-minded is a giant first (or third, or second) step! Write your thoughts below. 🙂

Owning My Power

In a recent journey through inner landscapes of past lives and other spiritual realms, I discovered something I already knew about myself:  I hold an incredible amount of wisdom and POWER. My problem: I don’t own it. Yet.

But, what if I did?

What does it mean to “own my power”? I get tired of all these trite phrases now, “owning my power”, and I’m guilty of using them on a regular basis to make it easier for myself and others to “get it”.  But, if this journey isn’t personal, if the revelations aren’t specific enough to be meaningful, what good are they? But it’s a start. Bare with me.

What I really mean is…  I have experienced deeply spiritual, wondrous things, and received specific messages that are not just for me, but do I share them? Rarely.  If I have access to all this power and wisdom and knowledge, why don’t I admit it? Share it?

There is something to be said for being modest, being accepted. No one, including me, wants to feel rejected or “alone”, outside of, different. “Special” maybe, separate, no. Or worse, to be called a “cuckoo” for being a little different.  Personally, I call myself a “cuckoo-head” all the time and wear it like a badge of honour!

But seriously, at what point do I recognize that this is just a sly ego ploy to get me to hang back and be accepted. To NOT be myself. To NOT say those things. To NOT make a difference in people’s lives to the degree that I could. Not to be labeled a “cuckoo” which I already proudly claim, so w all the time.

I’ll give you an example. Last week I was in a class exploring Life Between Lives (the place we go when we die, before we return again, if you believe in reincarnation, and, even if you don’t). During this process I began to channel a greater being – by greater I mean more powerful than I’m used to, and expressing things in such a bold, direct way that felt more assertive and clear to me than my usual way of expressing.  The energy in my body was so great that I could barely contain it. Some people had to sit down on the ground they could just sense something big was happening.  I can’t take credit for this, but then I had to ask myself after it was done – why is this happening to me?  If this being is coming through me, imparting this knowledge and wisdom to me, isn’t it a part of me? Something I can now claim as a part of myself?  If I am being exposed to its higher knowledge, than isn’t it my knowledge, too?

My teacher hinted to me after class, “You now have the key. Own it. Use it.”


I don’t have to be Perfect to be Powerful

I now have the privilege of teaching, something new for me.  I am not used to teaching adults. I am usually better with children.  In my classes I am exploring various spiritual and experiential themes – things that are very practical (like money), and very personal and deep – like each person’s unique calling and gifts. I feel how important this is, and yet I still hang back, pretending not to know what I know, afraid of saying too much. Keeping it safe (for them, or for me?)  But who am I really pleasing? And who am I really helping by holding back?

What I am sharing here is my own internal process, and I’m not afraid to share it. That is part of my gift – honesty.  I am not perfect nor ever claim to be. My humanness is what makes any of this sharing possible.  I’ve been told by many that it is my humanness and vulnerability which is so attractive, and which makes the wisdom possible, accessible. I am an amalgam of both realities. I believe this makes me better, not less than. But, and this is the hard part, by attuning to my spiritual gifts more often and owning them, I would be so much more able to help myself and others transcend the difficulties we all experience here.  And by owning my gifts and using them more often, I am being more honest. More myself. Who I Am, in truth.

So what do I know? What is my POWER?

I have been channeling for years. I have been asking and seeking for decades. Perhaps I even came here with the spiritual quester’s cap on. My heart and soul longs for it. I just can’t tolerate anything less. I just can’t accept the status quo.  But, I must have CLARITY OF PURPOSE in order to ACT ON this higher knowing, to exercise this POWER in the world. Without that, my powers do not have a proper outlet.

If I don’t step up and start vocalizing this truth without shrinking back or apologizing, it just feels like I’m playing in the sandbox of life counting how many grains of sand there are, or debating why some grains jump out unexpectedly while others stay in line (chaos theory – thanks, Cass.).



Where does My Power come from?

My POWER comes from acting on what I already know I’ve been given without having to have it all figured out yet. I know ENOUGH. I don’t know everything. But I KNOW. I know when it feels right, and I know when it feels wrong.  I know ENOUGH to keep on going. My power comes from having the courage to succeed. To keep on becoming myself.  Keep on exploring. Keep on asking those questions. And better yet, offering my INSIGHTS, my RADICAL experiences of what life might be on the other side of the sand box. Where ultimately does it all come from? I can’t tell you that. And yet, I still Know.

As my teacher says, “Once you know something, you can’t un-know it.” (Unless you really want to).

And why, if I Know better, would I choose to forget?  To pretend it’s not true?

I guess what I’m saying in this excruciatingly meandering way, is….  I KNOW a lot already. I’ve experienced a tonne. And I am an eternal spirit with access to divine wisdom that I want to share.  So, get on with it!

Isn’t it time to Own it?  To Accept my Power?

Everyone is given it in their own way. But very few ask for or accept it.  I did. And I do.

Now, all I have to do is – Own it.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Have you experienced your own power?  Do you want to?  What can we do to allow this to happen more often? To support it, encourage it, trust it, own it.  I want to.  Do You?

Write below and share your knowing, your power.