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Flowing the Universe

Yesterday I set some new goals for 2017/18. My “New Year” really begins in September, a side effect of my school days. It feels good to start again and again, to think “what can happen next?” or “how can I grow and expand from here?”   

Because I am a channel, I have learned to seek guidance first in all things. My overall direction is set before me from Spirit, based on my given talents, deeper desires and agreement. But then, the action steps, the specifics of what I do or say day to day are up to me. I can lead with my head and overthink everything, constantly stopping and starting, wondering if I’m doing it right, OR…

I can flow the Universe through me all the time, and enjoy the process of creativity! 

This was my revelation as I sat here writing this down. It doesn’t matter, the specific nitty gritty. What matters is the direction and the action, the FLOW of the water running through the stream.

A river has certain boundary markers, it’s edges curved and carved out by the pressure of the moving water flowing with gravity toward a larger goal, the lake or sea. If I am the water and the Spirit moves through me, pulls me along like gravity, like the ocean awaiting me, then I am always safe to let go and flow with it. It is all connected. I can feel this connection through the words that I choose, the inspirations that come, the desire to keep going, the next step or idea that brings me farther. My response to the flow is a constant dance between me and Spirit, as we become one movement, one force of greatness.

Channeling is like that. When I try too hard to think, I cut-off the flow of the water, the “tap” of Spirit runs dry or becomes blocked. When I turn it back on and just wait, allowing the water to come through, it becomes easier and easier to trust that the water will show up, the stream will move toward the sea, Spirit will look after me.

All things will find their destination.

Here I am, flowing water, rivers and streams toward an endless sea. What is there to worry about? The course is already set for me. I may change course temporarily, but the ocean will always find me. All rivers find their way eventually.

And, instead of seeing the water or Spirit as separate from me, as something I have to “reach” or pull into me, I now see that…

I am Spirit and Spirit is inside of me, and I can move and flow more naturally.

I am not suggesting that every thought that comes into our head is coming from Spirit, or that it is moving us forward. It is not! Some thoughts are like boulders stuck in the middle of the stream, damming it up. But water has a way of moving around boulders. Water can carve mountains. Water cannot be stopped! It will either find another way, evaporate or become storm cloud, finding its way back to stream again and again. Even if it slows down, has to go around, or gets side-tracked, like us, the water knows what it is doing and where it is going.

Whatever way it goes, the water flows back to the sea.

So why not flow along with me? It says. Why not trust that the water, or Spirit, God, Creative Force or Universe knows where it needs to go, and let it flow through me…

So what does all this mean?

It means, don’t think too  much! 🙂 Give yourself time for reflection, to get inspired and feel the earth beneath you, sit near a stream, put your toe in the big water, or immerse yourself completely!

Realize you are connected to all things. You cannot truly get it wrong as long as you have life and breathe. Trust in the feeling that moves you along, no matter what. Your next song, your next step, your next heart-ache, your next worry thought! Whatever it is that comes. And just keep moving and flowing the stream, the inevitable pull of the moon and the stars, and of gravity.

And let the water that runs through you carve out a masterpiece!   



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The Desire for Freedom

It occurs to me that I am a very fortunate person. Not just materially – though all my needs are taken care of and always have been – but my soul needs, or the needs of my emotional and mental self, my Spirit. This to me, is the essence of Freedom.

A few years ago, well more like fifteen, this was not necessarily so. It took great hardship emotionally and spiritually before I was able to let go of what was not in my best interest, which led me to the freedom I have now.

I remember working in an office job in my early 20s and wondering how I was going to get out of there. I had everything to look forward to but no idea how to make a living or a life outside of that office environment. In my heart and soul I was an artist, a writer, a secret truth-sayer and heart-soother. I loved to hear people’s stories and help them see themselves more truly, to help them break out of their own self-made prisons.  But here was I, in the same boat really, though I had a vision of a distant shore…

In that space of Mind-knowingness I spoke of things to come as if they were real. My journals were full of heartache and visions of surrender and life as it was supposed to be.

At the height and heart of it: Freedom.

How did I get here from there?  That makes me laugh when I think of it because it is a metaphysical impossibility! I always was here, I just had to shed a few layers of stuff before I was able to really surface and trust.

Now I feel that I am knowing this from a lifetime of experience, both of the physical/material suppression of trying to survive and “make a living” or “figure things out”, to the reality of being exactly where I am for a reason, and walking in the grace of knowing the past is nothing to the freedom of what I am Being in the present.

In other words: Here I Am.

No other words can describe it I guess, the power of when I just “Show Up”.  When I have the skill and knowing and courage to speak from this place without any care for what comes next or who is judging, or any other context.

The only sacrifice of freedom is letting go of what you don’t want

How can you get to this place of deep knowing and trust?  Try gliding into it with razer-sharp smoothness, balancing it on your tippy-toes while making something for dinner, or telling the truth to someone you love.  Try finding those who are sympathetic to your cause and can point you in the right direction – those who say, “Yes… All-right, and… I can help.”

Confess your Cause to someone, step into the unknown and give up something unwanted. Take a leap into far-distant futures not yet born but conceived in your all-knowing Minds-Eye.  Take a birds-eye view and deliberate on something you have never thought of before.

What is this string that is binding you? Guilt? Cut it. Melt it. Sell it. Meld it. Tie it up in a nice green bow and give it back to where it came from. Thank it, forgive it, walk with it, talk with it, carry it, say you’re sorry, and move on.

You don’t have to live in bondage anymore – you don’t have to live your life alone, or in sorrow. You are not alone. You are never alone.

What is freedom then? The recognition that you can have what you want, but better still, that you already have it on some deep level, and when you get that, the real surprise is…. You ARE it.

And that, as they say is I Am.



P.S. Do you have a story about how you lept out of bondage to a life of greater freedom? Or would you like to take a first step? Share your thoughts and insights below. Being in a community of like-minded is a giant first (or third, or second) step! Write your thoughts below. 🙂

We are all Christ

The term Christ gets a bad wrap most days, relegated to conservative religious interpretation. But what is Christ?  From a biblical sense, our understanding (or misunderstanding) is that Christ lives in one man only, and that is Jesus.  But the New Testament scriptures tell us a much grander story, and after reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s explanation in his latest book, Wishes Fulfilled I am even more convinced of their efficacy and truth. Christ or Christ-Consciousness is the true Buddha-nature, the Atma, the Living One that lives in all of us.

In other words, We are all Christ.

 Quantum Physics is on our Side

“We have been all wrong!
What we have called matter is energy,
Whose vibration has been lowered
As to be perceptible to the senses.”
-Albert Einstein


Dr. Dyer explains it this way:  You were born into a body. That 1 year old body changed. Can you find that 1 year old body now? Where is the you that occupied that body? It is still here. But that body is now different/ new.  Dr. Deepak Chopra takes it one step further to assert that all bodies change 100% of the time. The body you occupied yesterday is not the body you occupy today. All the cells are constantly shifting (appearing / disappearing / dying / being born).  Quantum physics proves that matter is only energy temporarily appearing and disappearing. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed – it simply changes from one form to another.”

So where does this leave you, me, Us? 

We are not matter. We are energy / Spirit

We are the energy/ Spirit that creates and appears and disappears through matter. We are the invisible, indivisible energy that forms “particles”, that comes to offer ourselves up for a time and returns to our Source (did ever leave?).

Perhaps we are messengers, relay-ers of this energy/Spirit, and so need our bodies temporarily to relay these messages, live our lessons (to learn to love one another), until we are ready to return to pure Spirit, the Source of which we are always an eternal part.

I’ve Experienced this Truth in the Power of the Circle

I experience this truth (that we are One/ Christ / Spirit) without question when we are in a Circle. What is a circle?  A formation of women (or men, bodies do not matter as such) connected by a whole intention to know one another and themselves without limit.  To unite in a common goal of Love.

When I conduct my women’s workshops, called Evolutionary Woman, I experience, witness and become a greater force, a Miracle.

What is a miracle? A temporary dismantling of the physical laws and ego illusions that bind us to a bodily existence, and the temporary but truthful unveiling of what we really are:  connected, infinite, indivisible – Spirit.

When the women connect their hands and hearts together they are connected to Truth. They experience it in their hands (often sweating with the heat of energy pouring through them!), they experience the Light which grounds them to the core of the Earth, to the Centre of their hearts which fields their energy in Love, and to the metaphorical, metaphysical field of Light “above” them (God/ Spirit / Source) which really resides within us all, connecting all our hearts and minds together as One.

In A Course in Miracles, which I studied and lived for a year and a half, this is is what Jesus calls the Circle of Atonement. Where all are called and come to eventually.  Not for the forgiveness of “sins” but for the rebirth of humanity in a new reality of forgivness where there is no “sin” but only a mistake in seeing easily corrected. Our misperceptions divide us in ego consciousnesses.  Our Love unites us and “forgives” what has never been, in truth.

A New Reality

A new reality is possible when we claim our truth at the Light and Centre of our hearts and beings. This truth is what Jesus pointed to – not to himself as the only miracle-worker, but to all of us as one Christ/ Spirit, and to the Source of All.  That we, too, could be miracle-workers by redefining how we see each other and how we see the world.

 “… the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do.” 

              (John 14:12).

I am heartened and filled with Light when I contemplate the meaning of these words. I no longer doubt their truth, or that I could, can, and will become as great as He.  That is not arrogance, that is recognition of the truth of what we all are. To inspire is to “raise up” those who are in need to be equal with yourself. That is what Jesus did. And that is what we are called to do.

 Our Collective Purpose

Our Purpose is to recognize our own divinity, truth and power and to “love one another” as Our Self. 

Can we do this alone? No. Because we are not alone. We are not complete as separate bodies. We have to join our minds, our hearts and hands together, not in a sentimental way, but as the true force of Spirit, as the One that lives in All. Only then will we come to know ourselves as Spirit /Truth /Light.  What Jesus spent his 33 years trying to teach.  And the Christ will no longer be a single man to be worshiped, but a whole, Self-realized, actualized people who love one another as one in the same.



What are your thoughts on this? Do you see yourself as a separate body, a temporary mortal person, or as an immortal being who is here for a short time to learn, give and grow?   What is the Spirit in you seeing?

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Day 14: I Belong!

This morning I went to a yoga class I hadn’t been to in a while. That’s me, slipping in and out of things – alarming! Seriously, I ask myself, why do I get into things and then back away? I was even tempted to start all over – find another, better class; another, better teacher. But somehow, it all comes back to me. What am I so afraid of? That they won’t like me? That I won’t like them?

Are there really any better “anybodies” out there?…

I took a course last summer that changed my life – the Feminine Power series, with Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit. I learned we women need to belong; we need to feel we are an integral part of something and that our contribution matters.  And our way of stopping that is to over-do and try to please others, while “sabotagingly” (yes, I invent words) neglecting our own needs, wishes, desires. Our own Power.  There are many ways this shows up:  perfectionism, fear of failure, wanting to be loved but pushing other people away ( “reject them first”), working too hard or hiding behind work (“maybe I’ll get promoted and then they’ll like me”); hiding behind other people who know more than we do; pretending to like things we don’t just to fit in; and sacrificing ourselves as a whole.  It doesn’t matter what it is; I saw “me” looking back at myself – backing away from things, from people, from life.  A lot of it, disturbingly, spoke to me.

The solution is obvious but alarmingly overlooked: there is nowhere else and nobody else to go but within my own self, to talk to that troubled girl and help her find her balance again. Her strength. We learned to make power statements that spoke to this deepest part, to stand in the strength of our best internal instincts – our fierce protection of what matters, just as we would protect a child. The part that cries “No!” or “Yes!” without any hesitation at all.  Or my way of saying it:

The Lioness in Us Will Never Lay Down

I Belong. I am an integral part of Life. I have a right to be here. My contribution matters. I matter. I am a unique, perfect and absolutely irreplaceable part of the Universe. I cannot be annihilated or forgotten. I Belong! Damnit!

So, today, as I walked back into that class, I hesitated at the door and said these simple words to myself first: “I Belong.” I breathed in and imaged all the pleasant faces I would encounter, and the energy I would have.  This is what I heard and saw upon entering:  my previous teacher sitting pleasantly with some others in a colourful room brightly lit, cheerful music playing, sunny smiles abounding, and her eyes happily lit:

“KRISTA!!!…. Oooh, Where have you been?!!…..”  (Her hands sweetly hugging her chest)… “We MISSED YOU!!!….”

I will never, never do that again. Assume I don’t belong. Or that they don’t want me.  I was wrong. Beyond wrong – because I missed out on their life, and they missed out on mine. I realized through their eyes, their smiles, how dynamic I was, how much I brought to them.

Whether you know it or not, whether people tell you or not, you are needed in this universe of things. I no longer seek another, better universe to belong to.  I Belong now. I’ll take this one, and – whether it pats me on the back or not – this one is more than happy to take me.

chorus of song

Remember Mr. Percival Singing?  I Belong!!


Day 10: Anxiety and The Chorus of Dreams (Sing!)

I’m not sure what to call it:  this inexplicable feeling of unease, at times wafting through me unawares. I am going about my business, preparing for my daughter’s Brownie graduation, actually sewing (yes, me!) the final badges she’s received onto the veritable Brownie sash on the very last possible night – to be seen for all of 15 minutes in the briefest of ceremonies. (But the kids had fun.)

So what is this wafting sense of alarm as I am riding in the car? Or walking down the street? The birds are singing their usual chorus, I am walking to the beat, while the dog is running straight ahead.  Maybe it’s something like a bad dream that wakes you up in the middle of the most perfect summer night… There is no explaining it. We can try.

But it all comes down to this:  Does it really matter what fear is for? Does it really matter why we are afraid? Why we wake up in alarm, when there is no clear or present danger?  Maybe it is a signal from above, or from below. Maybe it is the carrier of change in the breeze.  The train coming at us, or for us, or the one we are riding on – it is all the same.  Some danger can be avoided; most is just our resistance to what lies ahead. Is it a cliff?  A drop-off point?  Or, the point of no return? Isn’t that…  a good thing?

Sometimes I am grateful for the sound of an alarm bell going off, when I really have to go.  And sometimes, it is best to bang the damn thing off and go back to sleep, lulling in the morning air and that faint and tasty dream; dispelling all rumours of noise and forgotten slings and arrows. It’s time to put our swords down – our impulse to protect and defend everything.  It’s time to Sing.

I find myself singing all the time lately…  Not professionally, though that was extraordinarily fun to sing in front of a live audience (and get paid!).  No, it is just as much fun, beyond fun – downright Joyous ! – to sing out loud in the midst of a chaotic front the world puts on.  All its soldiers lined up, coffee cups stained with resistant defense against the dawn.  No, this is the time to move on.  Move on, my friends, move on.  Join the choir of song that is sounding out loud in the  morning, even if you are still luxuriating in your treetop bed of surprises.  As I lay there, I think of what I am grateful for, even if I still feel a bit of distrust.

To join the day, unaware of what lies ahead, to join Life, not knowing what it or I shall bring, breeds excitement, not danger; is reason for celebration, not anxiety (or a host of other unsightly things). And maybe the pulse that beats in my heart (and in my eardrums) is not one of anxiety, but of Life itself calling me to Sing!

chorus of song

Mr. Percival and Babe sing! by John Frederick White

Sing! my friends, sing!  Though there be clear and present danger all about, Sing! Because the world needs You, Your voice, Your calling, Your sound!

The sound only You can make.