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Finding Truth Together

We were never meant to struggle alone. Even if we feel that we are alone, we still have God/the Holy Spirit/J or any other name you give that Holy Presence within. But when it is difficult to discern by yourself, it is helpful to have others to gather with and find that peaceable truth together.

I have always believed in the value of groups. Although I see many clients who like to work one on one, I also see the movement and miracles when women and men are in a sacred circle together. There is nothing like it. More can happen when we recognize the beauty and the common desires of each other.

Something opens to a higher level when we realize we want what another wants, when we help someone as if they are the same as ourself. When we hear the truth out of our own lips which we could not voice before. This love is universal. And it is very powerful.

You can seek alone, in partners, in small groups or a large community. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what you feel drawn to. God gives in mysterious ways. Just be open and join with another for the purpose of finding the answer, a better way, greater happiness and joy, healing and health, love and kindness and compassion for all. In this hope, you can never go wrong.

“Wherever two or more are gathered, there I am in the midst.” (Mathew 18:20)

If you feel drawn to this message, and my work as a spiritual guide/director, channel, writer and lover of miracles, join me in a safe, comfortable, intimate group environment, at Miracles Grow Here! in Scarborough, Ont this Monday Oct 23, Nov 21, and Dec 12/16  7-9pm for “An Evening of Spirit”…. for group channelling, healing & hypnosis, bonding and wonderful spirited conversations! This is just one example of a community of light and love. Join us!

Connect, love and grow in Spirit, together! Contact us for directions.



Miracles Grow Here event in West Hill Scarborough, Oct 23, Nov 21, Dec 12/16. Please RSVP for directions/limited space.

Miracles Grow Here Event page.

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Miracles Grow Here! Events


In Your Heart

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AHA! Centre Toronto Opens

Press Release…


Alternative Healing Associates – Toronto

March 10 – TORONTO:  Exciting news, as the AHA! Alternative Healing Associates Centre opens its doors next week at a beautiful North Toronto location, offering various modalities to assist and support those seeking physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness through a series of life-changing AHA moments…


Part II – Meeting Your Soul Companions

Have you ever met someone you instantly “knew”, someone you felt a deep connection to, that could not be explained by time or circumstance?

In Part II of my new Spiritual Soul Series (continued from “Part I – Miracles as Messages and Signs”)  I discover how sometimes God sends us angels, and sometimes Soul Companions to help remind us who we really are…


hampton jutney

  When I boarded the Hampton Jutney from New York to Southampton, I somehow knew it was going to be the trip of a lifetime, not because of what it was, but because of who I was becoming.

As I picked up my pen and notebook and sat back in my seat, a deep peace enveloped me, and I intuitively wrote:

  I am walking into the Arms of God.”

 You see, my soul was already readying itself in a beautiful state of awareness, one which notices the higher vibrations of life as it is unfolding, and is ever alert to God’s presence everywhere – the people on the bus sleeping or eating, the cars moving beside us on the road, the rain slapping against the bus driver’s windshield. All was like a native dance and I the initiate. I really had no agenda of my own, but was totally open and willing, with the constant prayer of “My life is yours. Please show me the way. Amen,” whispered on my tongue.  

When I got to the retreat, I was instantly happy.  I hadn’t even done anything yet!, but I had arrived.  My mind felt fresh and unburdened by the usual routines of life, the fears of everyday existence and worries about the future.  I was immersed in the present, with a pure feeling of joy!  

I found my dorm and flopped on my hospital-like bed with gratitude.  A place as clean and unwritten as I felt – an open slate.  I felt as fresh as a young student ready to learn and absorb everything. Nothing could have pleased me more.  

Out on the open patio at the conference centre, I met my fellow “students”.  I am not much of a small-talker, and often find large crowds uncomfortable, unless I am able to just be myself.  So I was!  With no pretense, I just approached a few people at a time. I heard one man talking and joking nearby, so I went and spoke to that group.  I listened as usual before saying anything. I like to gauge the feeling, the energy of a room or group, before I engage.  I had no trouble in this instance, and as some of the people moved on, this man and I began to talk and share some of our background and why we had come to the retreat.  

I felt an instant connection, like I had known this person a million years (I probably had!). As we spoke, more information was revealed, and before I knew it we were walking on the nearby beach of Southampton at lunch sharing our stories and deeper spiritual understandings. I felt I had met a true Soul Companion…  


We returned to the village and walked the charming streets. He shook his head in amazement as I spoke, deeply appreciating what I had to say about everything, and understanding the deep emotional content.  He reassured me there was nothing wrong with my head, and that who I was was truly special and amazing.

I asked him what he meant.


“You are like a giant sun,”  he said.  “radiating out in all directions.”

I had never heard anyone describe me like that. I felt not only validated, but loved as a unique  human being and even Spirit.  It gave me confidence not only in myself, but that greater inner urging that I needed to continue on my Spiritual path…  

When I got home, life seemed to return to “normal” for awhile, hectic and crazy at times, then lonely and boring. I wondered what was happening to my inner world? I knew something was up, because that inner urging led me to begin chanelling new writings, poetry, ideas and visions that seemed to drop from heaven above – ideas which led me to find or create new communities where I would meet even more of these beloved Soul Companions who were just waiting for me beyond the horizon…

I never would have predicted what these new ideas and special connections would mean to my very Soul or future; how they would catalyze me into my true purpose here, affect so many others with my emerging gifts, and catapult us into the incredible Journey to come…


To be continued…. 


Go to Part III

Go back to Part I



 P.S. Have you ever met a soul companion and felt instant love and recognition?  Write to me below or share your journey here.


Come “Fall Away” with me in Muskoka!

 Fall is my favourite time of year – the fresh scent in the air, and the “out with the old, in with the new” attitude. Perhaps it is from schooldays and the smell of fresh paper and my beloved pens that keeps me grounded and focused on what is possible.  And this fall is bound to be even more special!

Come “Fall Away” with me, Krista Moore (Founder and CEO, Evolutionary Woman), and Deb Niven and Allison Frame of The Divine Destination Collection for a luxurious 3-night getaway in Muskoka. 

We will be embarking on October 18 – October 21/13 at the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resport & Spa for a cornucopia of new experiences, spiritual transformation, and gastronomical delights (including fine wine and local beer!)

On Friday and Saturday morning, I will be offering a unique, transformative workshop, inviting you to “Fall Away” with the transition of the seasons, and discover “What’s  New about You”.  Immerse yourself in the local bounty, sample new delights, surprise yourself  by really “Showing Up”to the party that is Life! Get ready to unlock your wild imagination and create a new vision of what is possible.  (Yes, it is possible that Fall could be the beginning of your full flourishing and happiness!)  From  hum-drum “hi-hoe” to a wide open vista of passion and possibilities!

I will be treating you to some guided meditation/visualization exercises to really help you let go and fire up your imagination; and some sacred circle work to fully empower, enlighten and re-energize you on your new journey as a fully awakened, “alivened” You!  Nor will you be doing this alone,  but in the company of fantastic people and new friends on your Muskoka adventure!

To find out more, check out my Muskoka Retreat page, or for the full itinerary and Registration, visit The Divine Destination Collection. 

Hope to See You There!







Krista Moore
Founder & CEO, Evolutionary Woman



Miracle 16: “Unveiling”

Krista Moore at the 2012 Port Union Waterfront Festival


      Mmmm… my world is opening once again. What else can I unveil?  Yesterday’s post sent shivers as I read how it opened some of you. Oooh how I love as one door swings open, a chorus of 5-6-7-1,000,000 open, too!

I’m back! Can you feel it?  It took awhile, to descend. Sometimes like sweeping the bottom of a pool. From the top I see the water, clarity, rippling sunlight. But in the corners, still, a steady sediment and whispers of dead leaves hanging out.

     Then I say:

“OH Well!   DIVE IN!”

I AM SO EXCITED.  Not only am I back, ALIVE, feeling the motion again, at least partially, but I feel it within and with others, too.  Today I visited the yoga studio, and one of my teachers beamed at me as I walked in. We just couldn’t help ourselves, beaming light at each other, like 2 sun-rays who found their Source once again.

“Oh, it’s YOU!”  We’re Happy to “See” each other, greet each other, fill the space with our radiant energy.


And, I’m excited to be joining Tina Games and other special guests in October for a round table panel on spiritual topics (Now, that I’m out of the God closet, this should be fun! ;).

And I’m about to unveil another offering soon which I will post on my website and to my mailing list. If you’d like to know more, sign-up to the right and I will be happy to have you join me.  There are many things percolating, and more ways to connect than ever before.  CHECK BACK HERE!

I am also extremely happy to witness the “unveiling” in YOU.  Those participating in my EW workshops, and those in the 30 Days of Miracles.  I love all your comments, and witnessing the impact my words, confessions and courage have on you.  I would love to hear more, and intend to introduce LIVE CALLS soon.


Is that it? No. That’s not it.  But today is the beginning, again of you, of me, of what we can do. I am so happy to be a part of this energy, this wider, widening circle.  This intergalactic spill of ease and delight and effortless expression and sharing. This dance of becoming. This OOoooze of creational impulse, re-birthing, opening, channeling and blossoming…


How about YOU?

What is  “unveiling” about You?

(Write to me below, or private message me.

I LOVE hearing from YOU :)).





Krista Moore

This is Miracle 16 of Krista’s “30 Days of Miracles 2012” series . If you would like to join her growing community, ask her here, or write your comments below.

Planting a New Garden

It is 12:10 AM and I arose from my bed with a flash of insight. I was waiting until July 1 come hell or high water. Trying to do things “right”. But the flow is coming, and I kind of knew this would happen.


Beginning at the end.  We are digging up an old garden that lay in waste (in my sight), 20 years in the making. I had my hand in 10 of them, and did not do my best with a garden hoe or dandelion picker. Now we are among giant thorned bushes that have hidden my path.  I can’t see anything I planted along the way. Only the red poppies, defiant, bloomed and then lay their heads. Same with the peonies – it took two years for them to squeeze their tiny eyes open, then hang down and begin to wilt. Relieved, I realized it was time.



Here is what happened:  I had a dream of a wildflower garden. It came out of my admission that I could never be a gardener.  Not a traditional one. Manicured lawns were not my forte nor desire.  Yet I was embarrassed at the state they were in.  My garden arose out of a previous garden that was perfectly arranged by a previous owner, someone who had all the things I had not: passion, ability and patience.  I knew I was in trouble when I looked at the rubble after our construction job lay that perfect garden to waste. Underneath it, the rose bushes persevered. So did the day lilies, of course, and the gorgeous clematis that climbed its towery fountain in the middle.

10 Years rolled by of me doing my best in April and May.  I would do minimal weeding, dig up some dirt and go get new soil and lay it on top of it.  Hoping it would take. Then I would buy some mulch and expensive wood chips and lay a pretty path.  Some of the things stayed. Others died along the way.  Tiny creepers crept in, like mint and cloves, then dandelions, and finally grass and wheat.

My garden dream became a nightmare. And yet, it still pulls at my heartstrings…


What does this mean?

Was I foolish to believe I could have a wildflower garden without doing any weeding? Was I foolish to take on somebody else’s dream?  What was the solution? Keep trying? Keep denying?

So, this past week, as we prepare for a new pool to go in, and lay a track for the trucks to come in – I had to move my garden. MY GARDEN!  the Heart garden had become me. And it was beautiful for a time. But a tiny guilt always followed me:  this is not mine.  Or is it?


Today we did what every sane person who knew anything about gardens had told me to do We took every good thing out of that old garden and put it in a pot. We dug all around them and plucked them right out.  And when those big trucks come, the rest will be turned over, flattened and reshaped.  Old weeds will be moved away.  New soil will be laid in its place. Maybe new grass.  Or maybe a newer, smaller, garden of mine.

Will I try again? 

We’ll see. I have a lovely clematis root, my first successful blush peonies, one pot of cloves, a lovely rose, and some other coloured things.  I will water them all I can. I will even pray once or twice.  But in my vision, as I now lay awake at night – something NEW will arise.  Not that old garden of the past.  Not some old sight.

I have finally let go.  Have I?

What else was in that garden?  Memories old and new.  People that once played a part who are now gone.  Fears and insecurities. Dreams and visions of what my life should be.  Old prayers said on the old stone steps that got buried.  Babies birthed while looking at the irises purple unfolding in summer.  Dogs running and leaping and peeing indiscriminately against the rocks. The shape of a heart that I thought I was.


What have I lost? 

Like my garden, my life has changed significantly. Old paths have grown over.  Old lives changed or forgotten.  Relationships let go of or grown in a new direction, love and children hung on to.  The rest? Well –

How can I plant a new garden?  What will it be?  What will I be?

I plant a new garden. I begin with the shape of nothing. This time I will not inherit it, nor feel guilty if it fails. I will accept my fate.  I will plant a new garden based on current delights, something I can manage, something that is honest and truthful. And I will make sure I don’t put anything into this garden that I don’t love or intend to care for. I will do my best.

  Until then – I wait.

Krista with her peonies