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An Evening of Spirit

Krista Moore is now holding small group sessions at Miracles Grow Here in east Toronto. Join us for a monthly gathering called “An Evening of Spirit”, where Krista will be channelling and sharing only the Highest wisdom, healing energies, teachings and guidance. 

These events give you the opportunity to:

  • Receive answers to your deepest questions!
  • Experience greater awareness and peace through guided (channelled) meditation
  • Learn new ways of achieving greater health, happiness, joy and fulfillment
  • Heal on a mental/physical/emotional/spiritual level
  • Grow in the awareness of your soul, guides, spiritual gifts and true life purpose
  • Connect with community, friends in a warm and welcoming environment.
Each event is different, though most include Guided/Channelled messages for you and/or the group, Guided Meditations or “Channelled Hypnotic Inner Journeys” (eg. past life), and special Divine healing energies from the Highest source available. You can’t get that every day of the week!
Participation is encouraged but not required. Privacy respected. Although no private sessions will be offered at the event this time, you can book one in advance before or after the event on a different day or evening. Please let me know soon as October is filling up fast! Thank you.)
Open to new participants, Bring a friend! Community drop-in style. Courtesy RSVP to ensure space. 
Enjoy conversation, tea and light snacks while Krista channels and guides the group. Casual, comfortable clothing. Parking provided. Suggested donation: $20-30 though no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please join us!
RSVP for Oct 24 to ensure space, get directions and let me know if you are bringing anyone. Replying to this email, or call/text 647-280-0387. 
Did you know we have a Facebook page with all the upcoming events, and inspiration? “Like” Miracles Grow Here and join the event through our “An Evening of Spirit” event page.

Next event dates:

Mon. October 24, 2016 7pm-9pm

Mon. November 21, 2016 7pm-9pm

Mon. December 12, 2016 7pm-9pm

For those who would also like to experience this privately, Krista sees private clients during the week for one on one sessions in person or on Skype, and provides 2-day private healing retreat intensives at Miracles Grow Here in West Hill, Scarborough (On, CA) called Full Immersion into Spirit.  More on that soon!

For more information or to RSVP/get directions to one of these events, please contact us here.

Owning My Power

In a recent journey through inner landscapes of past lives and other spiritual realms, I discovered something I already knew about myself:  I hold an incredible amount of wisdom and POWER. My problem: I don’t own it. Yet.

But, what if I did?

What does it mean to “own my power”? I get tired of all these trite phrases now, “owning my power”, and I’m guilty of using them on a regular basis to make it easier for myself and others to “get it”.  But, if this journey isn’t personal, if the revelations aren’t specific enough to be meaningful, what good are they? But it’s a start. Bare with me.

What I really mean is…  I have experienced deeply spiritual, wondrous things, and received specific messages that are not just for me, but do I share them? Rarely.  If I have access to all this power and wisdom and knowledge, why don’t I admit it? Share it?

There is something to be said for being modest, being accepted. No one, including me, wants to feel rejected or “alone”, outside of, different. “Special” maybe, separate, no. Or worse, to be called a “cuckoo” for being a little different.  Personally, I call myself a “cuckoo-head” all the time and wear it like a badge of honour!

But seriously, at what point do I recognize that this is just a sly ego ploy to get me to hang back and be accepted. To NOT be myself. To NOT say those things. To NOT make a difference in people’s lives to the degree that I could. Not to be labeled a “cuckoo” which I already proudly claim, so w all the time.

I’ll give you an example. Last week I was in a class exploring Life Between Lives (the place we go when we die, before we return again, if you believe in reincarnation, and, even if you don’t). During this process I began to channel a greater being – by greater I mean more powerful than I’m used to, and expressing things in such a bold, direct way that felt more assertive and clear to me than my usual way of expressing.  The energy in my body was so great that I could barely contain it. Some people had to sit down on the ground they could just sense something big was happening.  I can’t take credit for this, but then I had to ask myself after it was done – why is this happening to me?  If this being is coming through me, imparting this knowledge and wisdom to me, isn’t it a part of me? Something I can now claim as a part of myself?  If I am being exposed to its higher knowledge, than isn’t it my knowledge, too?

My teacher hinted to me after class, “You now have the key. Own it. Use it.”


I don’t have to be Perfect to be Powerful

I now have the privilege of teaching, something new for me.  I am not used to teaching adults. I am usually better with children.  In my classes I am exploring various spiritual and experiential themes – things that are very practical (like money), and very personal and deep – like each person’s unique calling and gifts. I feel how important this is, and yet I still hang back, pretending not to know what I know, afraid of saying too much. Keeping it safe (for them, or for me?)  But who am I really pleasing? And who am I really helping by holding back?

What I am sharing here is my own internal process, and I’m not afraid to share it. That is part of my gift – honesty.  I am not perfect nor ever claim to be. My humanness is what makes any of this sharing possible.  I’ve been told by many that it is my humanness and vulnerability which is so attractive, and which makes the wisdom possible, accessible. I am an amalgam of both realities. I believe this makes me better, not less than. But, and this is the hard part, by attuning to my spiritual gifts more often and owning them, I would be so much more able to help myself and others transcend the difficulties we all experience here.  And by owning my gifts and using them more often, I am being more honest. More myself. Who I Am, in truth.

So what do I know? What is my POWER?

I have been channeling for years. I have been asking and seeking for decades. Perhaps I even came here with the spiritual quester’s cap on. My heart and soul longs for it. I just can’t tolerate anything less. I just can’t accept the status quo.  But, I must have CLARITY OF PURPOSE in order to ACT ON this higher knowing, to exercise this POWER in the world. Without that, my powers do not have a proper outlet.

If I don’t step up and start vocalizing this truth without shrinking back or apologizing, it just feels like I’m playing in the sandbox of life counting how many grains of sand there are, or debating why some grains jump out unexpectedly while others stay in line (chaos theory – thanks, Cass.).



Where does My Power come from?

My POWER comes from acting on what I already know I’ve been given without having to have it all figured out yet. I know ENOUGH. I don’t know everything. But I KNOW. I know when it feels right, and I know when it feels wrong.  I know ENOUGH to keep on going. My power comes from having the courage to succeed. To keep on becoming myself.  Keep on exploring. Keep on asking those questions. And better yet, offering my INSIGHTS, my RADICAL experiences of what life might be on the other side of the sand box. Where ultimately does it all come from? I can’t tell you that. And yet, I still Know.

As my teacher says, “Once you know something, you can’t un-know it.” (Unless you really want to).

And why, if I Know better, would I choose to forget?  To pretend it’s not true?

I guess what I’m saying in this excruciatingly meandering way, is….  I KNOW a lot already. I’ve experienced a tonne. And I am an eternal spirit with access to divine wisdom that I want to share.  So, get on with it!

Isn’t it time to Own it?  To Accept my Power?

Everyone is given it in their own way. But very few ask for or accept it.  I did. And I do.

Now, all I have to do is – Own it.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Have you experienced your own power?  Do you want to?  What can we do to allow this to happen more often? To support it, encourage it, trust it, own it.  I want to.  Do You?

Write below and share your knowing, your power.

The Miracle of Letting Go

Krista in Del Mar

I can’t  plan this. Some academics spend eons planning, researching, writing and editing their material. Forgive me my typ-os (typos?), my dangling participles, my fragments. This is the joy of creating, like a delicious soup that gets made from half-made things all thrown together into a stirling mix. Who can plan this? Who wants to?

Have you let go of planning yet?

Preparation is one thing. We all have to buy our tickets to get to where we’re going. But once we’ve prepared and shown up, our job is to let go and experience it.

Here’s what happened to me:  I met a woman in a cafe whom I have admired for a long time. We spoke briefly over the course of a year.  One day I returned to the cafe just brimming with my news, of what I was doing with Evolutionary Women, this circle of women I started in Scarborough, who wanted to connect and transform, together. I was sparkling with joy. The mists had parted, and she noticed this exuberance, this life. She wanted to know Everything, as most women do (which I adore). I told her my story. First, the five-minute version, which wasn’t enough. She was enthralled. Tell me more! I told her how I got to where I am now, what I had to give up – the trying, the “efforting” for a pre-set notion of my future. But it wasn’t working. Everything felt like a no-fly zone.  I was lost in a daydream, a maze with no door. Then I awoke. I joined several groups, sought help. I began talking, searching, writing, creating. I struggled, I fell down. I didn’t know how I was ever going to get there, this nebulous new world. I didn’t know how I was going to start all over.  I had visions, daydreams, images that would come to me, words that would flow through me all the time. I was pretty isolated then. It took time to build a support team. I became relaxed into this new way of being. My life became an editing room. I was being edited down to my finest, most crystalline form. Everything else was tertiary.

Soon, in the span of two years, my daydreams began to form. Something Inside began to show up all around me. I began to transform myself. Show up differently. There were dips and curves, valleys. Breakdowns and breakthroughs. I suffered A LOT. So did my family at times. I knew I had to change the way I was thinking about myself and my life. What I was here for. It wasn’t to glorify myself. I had to go a different way. I had to let go!

Letting go doesn’t mean having nothing, or doing  nothing. It doesn’t even mean loss necessarily, as it is so often associated with grieving.  Sure, I cried my tears in the letting go of “me”, who I thought I was. The pain of sustaining an image of myself that I couldn’t live up to (that wasn’t true). I had kept  my true thoughts well hidden. It took awhile to crawl to the surface and breathe dry air. To trust that I could tell others the truth. That I wasn’t happy the other way. I had to let go.

Letting go is New. It’s You!  It’s Why We’re Here, What We are For, It’s the deliverance you’ve been waiting for! It’s the door!  It’s Thank God I don’t have a plan anymore! Thank God I can just be me! Isn’t it fabulous, just to be me?

And then – people started noticing. People started wanting to join with me, to participate in: to listen, to speak, to share their hearts, their minds, to co-create. To begin! Suddenly I was not alone – I became swept up in a giant swell. There was something much more important at stake – my happiness and theirs, not some arbitrary future life I wanted to create – No. I wanted my Life NOW!

This is what happened when I let go:  My woman friend and I sat and had a real conversation. We lit up the room. The world closed in around us like a giant blanket. Other women listened and enthused. Possibilities and ventures sparked. We started saying Yes, I would love to do that. Let’s talk about it. Now, things are happening, and I have so much to do!

How did it all happen?? I couldn’t have planned or predicted this. I had an idea to join with other women. To  connect. I began to create something small. I thought of doing more, reaching more women. I talked and wrote about it – A LOT. Too much, in fact. But, I didn’t give up. I got positive feedback. I kept putting it out there. There were slumps and insecurities – there still are!  But this idea, this adventure, this feeling to keep going kept coming to me. I kept dreaming and sharing. And soon, when I took that terrifying step of asking someone about renting a space to hold a workshop –  THEN and only then – I heard the giant chorus of YES! chiming back at me.  Other women wanted this too. Then – did I notice: This was a good idea! It wasn’t just some “idea” in my head. Some other scheme to “get ahead.”  It wasn’t just for me anymore, it was also for them. Serendipity took over. People started approaching me for more. This was something brewing deep down in the hearts of all of us – at least the women I’ve met. And even men!

What really surprised me, when I let go and just spoke to this woman from my heart, was that she wanted to work with me one on one.  I had never done this before.  I didn’t know what I would do. How could I? How could I know what she was going to say?  To plan would have been interference.  I had to trust. I felt humbled by her trust in me, in the Presence – because that is what it was. My Presence spoke for me, on her behalf. I saw who she was, felt the tingling sensation of Yes! shouting through her – through the aches and pains of what was. I knew her.  I wanted to join with her and help her as so many had helped me. And, because I allowed that Presence to speak for me, instead of some rigid, academic plan, some psychology degree – I knew what to say and when. I had compassion. At first, it just stumbled out.  But then, as the energy moved me and I SPOKE. it just rang out!  Her eyes lit up and she said, “Wow…this is Amazing.” I felt that too. I was as amazed as she was. I felt totally connected, totally alive, totally gifted by that moment with her presence too. Our awareness grew.

It is amazing what we can do when we don’t have a plan. When we let go. It’s amazing what’s Inside of us when we just let ourselves LIVE and give others permission to do the same.

The same thing happened the other night in a workshop I was giving.  It had become more of a Circle, a quiet space of reflection and sharing. I had written reams of material, I had hundreds of exercises swirling around my head – some we had already tried which were quite invigorating, and I believe helpful. But this time was different. They had already begun without that. This time, it wasn’t “all up to me” as I had felt before, and so many women who carry that sense of responsibility very heavily. The burden of caring too much, planning too hard, frightened of the unknown. Afraid to surrender. To trust that I had enough.  That I was enough.

I sat uncomfortably in my chair at first, knowing “I Have a Plan”. Then I listened to the women open up, their stories naturally spilling out of them, the electricity of their knowing filling the room. Their intelligence, their insight, their banter. Their laughter!  Who could interfere with that? What more could I give that they didn’t already have?

I had to let go. I had already created this space for them to grow. They had already accepted, shown up.  Given themselves. All I had to do was listen and give what came to me in the moment. I offered my thoughts, my passion, which caught fire when I spoke.  I noticed when I tried too hard and stopped.  I listened to myself. I remembered what my purpose was (to give them a space to heal) and spoke from my heart instead. And then they lit up.  Because I was being true. There were still challenges and discussion. Healing moments and successes.  Opportunities for further growth. Things I could do to help in future, but waited. It was not appropriate now. There would be more time. This was only a beginning.

At the beginning of that night, in silent preparation, I had lit 9 tiny candles in the centre of the table. And as I quietly sat by and listened, my friend turned to me and said, “Nine candles. Ah….  Birthing”  She smiled. Beamed, actually. And now as I looked around at their faces, the nine women who came, we resembled the light itself.  It was our quiet sanctuary. I felt I had done something exquisite, without “doing” anything at all. I had given myself permission to just be there, and to let them as well, to have faith that we would do the right thing together. Like women who know how to give birth to something. No doctor can tell us how to do it. Nature just knows.

Women know. They understand each other. We are natural creatures. Our instincts get dampened by too much structure.  We need room to grow. That’s all. Just a room. Just a space. Just a collaborator or two.

Give yourself a little space to let go…

And let the miracle happen to You.

P.S. This is my way of surrendering. I’ve spent years thinking too much. And still do. I use to get rewarded for getting my semi-colons right. Now, all I want is You!  To be happy. To be joyful. To reach people in a new way. To let the Spirit move me! I hope it moves you too.