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Finding Truth Together

We were never meant to struggle alone. Even if we feel that we are alone, we still have God/the Holy Spirit/J or any other name you give that Holy Presence within. But when it is difficult to discern by yourself, it is helpful to have others to gather with and find that peaceable truth together.

I have always believed in the value of groups. Although I see many clients who like to work one on one, I also see the movement and miracles when women and men are in a sacred circle together. There is nothing like it. More can happen when we recognize the beauty and the common desires of each other.

Something opens to a higher level when we realize we want what another wants, when we help someone as if they are the same as ourself. When we hear the truth out of our own lips which we could not voice before. This love is universal. And it is very powerful.

You can seek alone, in partners, in small groups or a large community. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what you feel drawn to. God gives in mysterious ways. Just be open and join with another for the purpose of finding the answer, a better way, greater happiness and joy, healing and health, love and kindness and compassion for all. In this hope, you can never go wrong.

“Wherever two or more are gathered, there I am in the midst.” (Mathew 18:20)

If you feel drawn to this message, and my work as a spiritual guide/director, channel, writer and lover of miracles, join me in a safe, comfortable, intimate group environment, at Miracles Grow Here! in Scarborough, Ont this Monday Oct 23, Nov 21, and Dec 12/16  7-9pm for “An Evening of Spirit”…. for group channelling, healing & hypnosis, bonding and wonderful spirited conversations! This is just one example of a community of light and love. Join us!

Connect, love and grow in Spirit, together! Contact us for directions.



Miracles Grow Here event in West Hill Scarborough, Oct 23, Nov 21, Dec 12/16. Please RSVP for directions/limited space.

Miracles Grow Here Event page.

Experience Moore Miracles today!

An Evening of Spirit

Krista Moore is now holding small group sessions at Miracles Grow Here in east Toronto. Join us for a monthly gathering called “An Evening of Spirit”, where Krista will be channelling and sharing only the Highest wisdom, healing energies, teachings and guidance. 

These events give you the opportunity to:

  • Receive answers to your deepest questions!
  • Experience greater awareness and peace through guided (channelled) meditation
  • Learn new ways of achieving greater health, happiness, joy and fulfillment
  • Heal on a mental/physical/emotional/spiritual level
  • Grow in the awareness of your soul, guides, spiritual gifts and true life purpose
  • Connect with community, friends in a warm and welcoming environment.
Each event is different, though most include Guided/Channelled messages for you and/or the group, Guided Meditations or “Channelled Hypnotic Inner Journeys” (eg. past life), and special Divine healing energies from the Highest source available. You can’t get that every day of the week!
Participation is encouraged but not required. Privacy respected. Although no private sessions will be offered at the event this time, you can book one in advance before or after the event on a different day or evening. Please let me know soon as October is filling up fast! Thank you.)
Open to new participants, Bring a friend! Community drop-in style. Courtesy RSVP to ensure space. 
Enjoy conversation, tea and light snacks while Krista channels and guides the group. Casual, comfortable clothing. Parking provided. Suggested donation: $20-30 though no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please join us!
RSVP for Oct 24 to ensure space, get directions and let me know if you are bringing anyone. Replying to this email, or call/text 647-280-0387. 
Did you know we have a Facebook page with all the upcoming events, and inspiration? “Like” Miracles Grow Here and join the event through our “An Evening of Spirit” event page.

Next event dates:

Mon. October 24, 2016 7pm-9pm

Mon. November 21, 2016 7pm-9pm

Mon. December 12, 2016 7pm-9pm

For those who would also like to experience this privately, Krista sees private clients during the week for one on one sessions in person or on Skype, and provides 2-day private healing retreat intensives at Miracles Grow Here in West Hill, Scarborough (On, CA) called Full Immersion into Spirit.  More on that soon!

For more information or to RSVP/get directions to one of these events, please contact us here.

Inner Journeys of the Heart & Soul

I have always been a soulful person. It never occurred to me to be anything but.  For the last four years I have been taking people on outer journeys through spiritual retreats to beautiful destinations.  

Although this is a wonderful way to connect and be away from our lives and experience something new, what really happens is we go on an inner journey of the heart and soul.

A friend/client said to me today, “Every time I am in one of your groups, I just sit down and cry.” Why is that? Do I say something terribly offensive or frightening?! (I hope not!) “No…” he said, and I knew what he was talking about. There is an unspoken intention to connect deeply, a feeling of safety to shed the masks we all wear, and to dive deep into the work of the soul – where our hearts have permission to express themselves and let go…

The truth is, I can do this work anywhere, or nowhere. Sharing the heart and soul is truly what I love to do, and what I’ve been doing since I was a kid. I write about it, act about it, talk about it, sing about it, and ask questions about it, lots of questions, to try to delve into the ‘heart’ of it.  I describe this work as ‘transformative’. That is not a fancy word for different. It means something is revealed to us on the inside, so that things no longer feel the same on the outside, and because of this, our outer world changes as well, sometimes significantly.  What changes is me, not the people, places or things around me.  

Actually, I just become myself!

Let me give you an example:

You can go away for a vacation. And it is a wonderful vacation, with a beautiful beach, sunsets, poolside drinks. You may feel relaxed, at ease, comfortable. You may even have entertaining guests and friends to get along with and go on adventures with. This may be cathartic to some degree, and it may be just what you need. But when you get back to your life, was it truly transformative? Or do you go back to your routine and responsibilities and forget what happened…

A transformative adventure starts on the inside – even if it is done in an external environment. The environment may be conducive, it may be special in some way, it may trigger our ability to connect because of its spiritual, evocative or authentic nature – just enough to peel off our false selves and inspire a true way of seeing or being. The transformation doesn’t end when you get home. It intensifies because you have shifted.

Why do I want to change anything at all? I don’t. What I really want to do is be honest. And I guess that is what I give other people permission to do as well – to just be themselves: to cry, to laugh, to wonder, to witness, to be confused, to be fascinated, to be inspired, to be lifted. So it is not something different we are acquiring – like a new skill or talent or a new dress;  what we want is something we all yearn for, seek for, live and die for:

We all want love. 

And in that process of discovery, which is a lifelong one, when we find ourselves a little less frightened, and feel safe to ‘come home’, we can uncover our spiritual essence, our true nature and gifts, our real and raw selves just as we are…


At this moment, I have no outer journeys lined up, other than in my own town! I am exploring the inside more and more, and inviting others in. To come out of hiding and find out what it feels like to just be loved.

Not everyone wants to share, and that is perfectly alright. What I have found in my groups, is that when someone has a moment of truth, when they share of their heart and soul, something magical happens: we fall in love with them and each other. It happens again and again. We forget where we are, whether sitting in a living room or a fancy hotel, or outside under the stars. Suddenly our hearts are so much bigger, and the tasks so much easier because we can be ourselves. Because we listened and witnessed. Because we loved.

That is the spiritual path I am on. I invite you to join me as we cross our paths in this moment, finding the truth and the beauty of it all. The wonders to behold. Whether happy or sad, in understanding or in pain, the soul is the most beautiful creation, and only longs to be itself. My job, my purpose, my quest, is to bring mine home to itself. Where we are all connected in the deepest ways, beyond the shifting of time and space. There is nothing I would rather do, write about, or talk about. Nothing in the world. There is nothing more precious than your soul.


If you are interested in Inner Journeys of the Soul, contact Krista.



Miracles Grow Here! Events


In Your Heart

Evening of Channelling,

Group Healing & Hypnosis

in Scarborough, Ontario

 Launch Event: Mon. Sept 26, 2016 6-9pm

Limited Spots! RSVP here.


What is Channeling? Find out here.

AHA! Centre Toronto Opens

Press Release…


Alternative Healing Associates – Toronto

March 10 – TORONTO:  Exciting news, as the AHA! Alternative Healing Associates Centre opens its doors next week at a beautiful North Toronto location, offering various modalities to assist and support those seeking physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness through a series of life-changing AHA moments…



Awakening to Divine Love

Valentine’s Healing Retreat

February 12-14, 2016

A new winter healing retreat with Krista Moore and Philip Young, healers, over the Valentine’s weekend at the Lotus Heart Centre, Brighton, Ontario. Open to singles and couples – bring a friend, partner, family member, loved one!  A few spots still left to share. Contact info@lotusheartcentre.ca to book your spot. To reserve a private sessions with Krista  Contact Krista directly to pre-book. Book soon!




Email Andre Lepine, Owner of the Lotus Heart Centre, at:


TO PRE-BOOK Private Channelling/Healing Sessions with Krista, Email:


Thank you!

Healings & Harmoniums: Krista Visits a Sikh Temple

Back in October I had the pleasure of visiting a Sikh temple with my good friend and fellow healer, Dr. Bhushan Sood whom I had met through the Ontario Hypnosis Centre. This is what I discovered…

Bhushan and I had participated in many healing circles together, including work in past life regression, interlife (life between lives) in which I learned of my true mission here, and CCMBA/CCMSC Hands-on-Healing techniques.  We along with other colleagues would get together and discuss our progress, and he was continually fascinated by the spiritual aspects of what we had discovered through our work in hypnosis, specifically the channelled material that came through me when I was in a state of deep metaphysical awareness.

Since then I had become an avid writer, healer and hypnotist in my own right, taking on clients at my home and at my new office in Toronto, while raising two kids (both teenagers now) with my husband in Scarborough, and conducting workshops and retreats worldwide, including Tuscany…

Singing at Tuscany retreat, San Galgano

Krista (centre) singing in Tuscany

I had become inspired (and instructed through my angelic helpers) to include music in my work, and had begun composing some simple melodies and songs that might help in relaxing and connecting clients and groups in song. I thought I needed an instrument, and always loved the sound of the harmonium.  I knew Bhushan was Hindu and very connected to his community, and figured he would know someone who might sell me one for a reasonable price. I reached out, and within 2 weeks Bhushan had located a friend at the Sikh Temple in Mississauga who had one available.

2015-10-14 19.56.00

So on a fine fall day, I headed out to Mississauga to meet Bhushan at his home, where he was just finishing work with a young gentleman by the name of Colin. I felt instantly connected to this “boy” who had spent some time in the military. Bushan began to explain what I did, and that I am connected to the angelic, and suddenly I felt such a powerful flow of love and inspiration as I spoke and listened to this young man. I knew I had been brought there for a reason, and so began to share and answer his questions about spiritual matters, and even counsel him on how he could find his way as well. I felt truly inspired to be able to help this young man, in collaboration with Bhushan who had total faith and trust in me.

We headed out to find Bhushan’s friend who would guide us to the Sikh temple, but had to meet him first at the local mall where he was with a seniors group through the United Way. He and his friends were sitting around a large table eating and enjoying each other’s company and welcomed us in to enjoy a light meal and tea. I was delighted! This was a whole new experience for me…


One of the gentleman asked Bhushan in his own language for us to introduce ourselves, and so we stood up and did so. Then Bhushan stood up and elaborated a bit more in describing what I did with the angelic realm, healings and miracles, and from there, many questions came forward from eager participants!  I answered their questions in English, while Bhushan translated. Then I offered to give a blessing which I channelled from the angelic, and afterward a man who was legally blind proclaimed he could see me. Bushan guided me to touch him on the forehead along with the others, as we graciously left with our guide and headed for the Sikh temple.

2015-10-14 15.43.35

As we arrived, I felt peaceful and eager to discover what it was like to be inside one of these holy places, so different from any experience I have had in my own lifetime being mainly identified as protestant Christian with no official religious upbringing. I had frequented many churches along the way but had developed my own spiritual practice and healing work, and admired the community aspect and ritual of more organized churches, temples and places of worship and gathering.

We were guided along the hallways of the temple, noting the paintings of warring factions, and the blood of martyrs. This was disturbing to my peaceful sensibilities, but I watched and observed with respectful wonder at how others expressed their beliefs. We entered the temple space, which was wide and open, with an elaborate shrine, including the swords and other implements to defend the faith. I knelt down in respect and prayed.

The harmonium seemed the last and least important part of our journey together! Although we enjoyed the banter of negotiation, and I did buy one after all, I confess I have hardly played it, but am grateful that it was the catalyst for such an important day.  I will never forget the joy of meeting Bhushan’s friends, healing with Colin and the seniors’ group, and the lessons of tolerance, non-judgement and love for all. Miracles have no face, no culture, and no religious preferences – for they are truly gifts of the spirit that work through us to each other, and bless all as one people under God. Amen.

P.S. Bhushan allowed me to take some brief shots of film, which I assembled into a video to share with my community on The Miracle Network Toronto – Miracle TV (youtube), and so I post this here for your enjoyment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbHNUbN0v1k

Latest Fall Retreat

This is another example of synchronicity at its best. I met Philip Young recently at a completely unrelated business meeting. Who would think a fellow healer from Wales would be amongst them? We got to talking, and realized a great synergy in our work and values. We planned to lead a healing retreat together somewhere in Ontario, but could not find a location to suit.

Within two days, a friend of his who happened to be doing a yoga retreat, suggested we join forces. And this is what resulted: a nearly sold-out yoga healing retreat at the most perfect time to enjoy the fall colours in Ontario, at a beautiful, private, holistic centre (The Lotus Heart Centre) not far from Toronto. This is what happens when you are in the mode of miracles. 🙂



Lotus Heart Centre, BRIGHTON, ON (1h 1/2 from T.O) 

NEW! 2 Yoga Instructors & 2 Healers Dedicated to Your WellnessLotus-Retreat-Flyer-2

Lotus Retreat Flyer_Layout 1



CALL: 647-280-0387

EMAIL: krista@kristamoore.com  

We will email you the Retreat Schedule so You an Pick Your Slot!



448 Old Wooler Rd, Codrington, ON K0K 1R0, Canada (Brighton County)
 (613) 475-2100