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The Path of Love

Recently, as I wrote in my last post, I was struggling with the true source and nature of my spiritual path, wondering if what I was channeling was really true. There was so much doubt and confusion stirred up within me from my own innate battle with doubt, but also excaserbated from others who had gone through a similar struggle, like the angel card reader and spiritual author, Doreen Virtue.

I knew at the deepest level I was working with Jesus, the true Jesus, if there is any other kind, because the love I felt and the impact was truly amazing. People cried at times, or saw the love on my face, and felt drawn or taken aback. I knew it wasn’t just me or my love I was conveying, and yet, I doubted.

Then I got caught up in the controversies; watching Youtube videos on the various conspiracies of whether the Bible was true or not, whether Jesus actually lived, what he said and taught. I listened to both the skeptics and the believers, the new-agers and the traditionalists. I became worried that I would never be able to sort it all out, and it started to gnaw away at my peace and sense of purpose.

My lack of trust had me even avoiding my own gift! I was resistant to channeling for fear I wasn’t reaching the highest, and not wanted to be influenced by anything less. That fear didn’t seem to block my gift entirely, however, as it was readily available for those who needed it, and I was relieved when they expressed gratitude and confirmed they felt better.

Then a friend whom I confided in told me that if it wasn’t for my gift of channeling, she might not have made it. I was shocked. I recalled others who told me similarly that of all the healing modalities and things they had tried, this gift that came through me was the thing that helped them the most, gave them peace of mind, confidence, clarity, encouragement, and most importantly, love.

This wowed me. I felt comforted by their messages, and buoyed up to keep pursuing my path…

Today, as I went back to my meditation and channeling practice for myself, the presence of Jesus and the angels came through so strongly, I cried. I sobbed because it opened my heart, and I felt restored in my faith that what I do is based on a deep truth inside, and this filled me with hope, faith and love…

Suddenly this passage came to me, and when I looked it up, I realized, God had answered my question directly, and my faith was completely restored:

Love bears all things,

believes all things,

hopes all things,

endures all things,

Love never fails.

1 Corinthians, a famous letter of St. Paul, continues: 

“But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be restrained; where there is knowledge, it will be dismissed. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when the perfect comes, the partial passes away.

11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I set aside childish ways. 12Now we see but a dim reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.” 


I realized it didn’t matter what other people believed

or didn’t believe;  what matters most is 


Whether I will ever know fully or just in part, whether I have all the answers or not – I am bolstered, encouraged and gifted in my faith to just Love.

Thank you, God for this incredible gift!  

I decided I will no longer focus on the nature of the gift itself, but on its purpose:

I will give this Love from You to all who come to me, with all of my heart, my courage, and my faith, putting all my trust in You.

This was a miracle! To keep me on my path, so I would never give up. No matter what we call it, I knew:

My true path is Love.

And now I can just get on with it!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



Krista Moore is an Angelic Channel, Hypnotist, Healer and Spiritual Director who uses her gifts to channel for private clients and the public on her BlogTalkRadio show. To learn more about Krista’s gift, and see/hear how it may help you, go #MiraclesGrowHere at:


MIRACLE 1: “A New Day”

I awake this morning and stand on my deck facing a giant hole in my backyard.  Piles of dirt and gravel lay before my eyes… 

But what do I see?

Krista’s Morning

Light. Miracles. Happiness.

I host (and toast) to it with my chocolate Vega drink.  It is morning and I am awake. I am at peace. It has been a long journey – and it hasn’t yet begun.

I am excited. For you, for me, for all who will be touched by this “30 Days of Miracles” trek. I feel as if we are taking our bags on a pilgrimage across foreign lands, yet we all remember, like a chorus breaking through.

Oh yes! This is it.  “30 Days of Miracles”.  Ironically, without expectation, free…  This is the way it should be. At least, for me.

I hope you will join me, in word, spirit or deed.  Feel free to Write to me.  Or follow me on twitter @KristaMooreLive. And if you are in the “group” (Join me), you know where to find me.  If you are not, I am right here with you. Always. Thank you for being here, in whatever capacity.

A new day is born within you.  I have courage, faith, trust, hope and love. Nothing else. I can’t wait to explore it, deliver it, feel it, Know it. Pour it over you.




What is new within you? What is asking to be born?  What miracles are percolating within you? Can you hear them, can you listen?  


Krista Moore is a professional actress, prolific writer and published author, and featured speaker/host/facilitator, dedicated to authentic self-expression and spiritual transformation.  She is the creator of “Evolutionary Woman” Workshops and Circles in Toronto and worldwide, and “30 Days of Miracles”.

The Miracle Is You

Copyright ©2012 Krista Moore

4. Resting in the Universe


Yesterday, as I lay on my chaise lounge outside under the grand maple tree, the only word that came to me was


I did not feel it through my body, as a yogi does, but I felt it through my mind, through my pores, through the trees. I felt nothing but the breeze, and my own breath on my hand.

There  is a silence so deep, that even while the torrent speaks, the breath is silently gumming the words peace. There is no word there. There is just the delicious smell of existence. Of water. Of poetry. Of united. Basking in the glow. There is no tomorrow. Nothing to shed. Nowhere to go.

Sheltered in the trees, in the breeze, I wondered if my life were too easy. Why am I not in a war-torn country? Why am I not speaking to millions on TV? Why am I just laying here soaking up the rays and quietly counting the days, the words I sing to you…

Because I have to. Nothing else matters right  now. Nothing else sings to me but my own song of patience and self-sacrifice. When I say sacrifice I mean it in the most spiritual sense. Nothing real is forsaken. Nothing is lost. Only the ego, which I cling to still, for solidarity, speaks to me and asks to “check-in.”

There is a softness now that never was before.  The sharp edges of existence, the need to have, to want, to make happen, have disappeared. When they revisit me, they are on a mission –  not from my ego – but from God.  Never have I felt so naked as now, bearing my soul to you. Telling the truth, even as I know it, discover it, express it, find it. It is You. I am bonded to the word: I Am.  Someone said that to me today, M-, and I laughed. I discovered her smile and her laugh, her faith in me. I understood. There is imminent silence in our shaking of hands, in the colours and light, the attitude.  A softness, a gathering, a united feeling. A warming of hands, a sparkling of eyes.

It is as if the softness and colours of the trees visit me, even as I sit in another place, on a porch swing, in a sanctuary space, in a crowd of onlookers, or when I am asked to speak. A Presence follows me, a calm and natural feeling. I am safe. There is no hesitance in my speech. I am safe. There is no precedent for it. Nothing to profit by. I am just being myself.


That is all I feel now.  A soft inner understanding, a great patience and rest. The rest is safe. It can wait. For me, for Him, for whatever moves through me. It will come. “I” no longer matter. My ego pretends it matters a great deal. But I know differently. No clocks tick my impatience awake. Even as I sit tonight, late, I am soft, I am loose, my belly curved. My eyes soft on the “page”. It is night. It is day. Whatever time it is, I am safe. I am at play.

I hardly know what to dedicate this to anymore. There is a harmony, a blending; I am surrounded by people, new voices, questions, supplications, invitations. I hardly know what to say. Except –

Mmmmmmm…… and just breathe it all in.

Yes, it is good. I may protest a bit, but not enough to stop this wind from blowing and dashing my protest to bits, leaving me dangling by the leaf on my  hand.

It’s enough.

It is night. And the soft stars are staring their surprise back at me. The force of all is knowing, spinning, vertical. Lifting us up beyond the trees. The knowing stars are shining, and You, You are too. However you wait, however long. Whatever you do. You are knowing too.


Preamble to Day 30…

Where I am right now:
I’m right here, I am
Looking at you
Looking at me
No apology
That’s who I am
You see.
Let’s hit the road
I’m  not lying
I don’t need anything more than this,
This is perfect, right like this
That look of complaint is gone
Replaced by unclouded honesty
At home in itself.
Past landscapes,
Ever changed
The perfume of time
Richly deserving a rest
Lingers on my face and chest
Open to the sky…
Mmm… the fragrance of my body and mind
Who I am this time.

Day 19: Gratitude, My Tiny Listless Friend



This is what came to me while silencing the creeping need to fret away the time…  a moment of grace in a busy day.


I am exposed
Half  hairs showing
Fingernails too long
Guff and scarred
But still growing
I am not a mystic warrior
With supporters beckoning from behind
I need to assert myself
Delve in
Not mistake countenance
for sustenance
 Not for a moment forsake
The purpose I am here.
 I need to keep going
Offering up
Hands bent back and afraid
– And  yet –
The frightened stares of my intellect
Are no match
For my tiny, listless Friend.

Why is this called gratitude? It occurred to me too. A little strange, but somehow true. All that chaotic intellect shining and getting in the way; all the competing voices yelling this way – no, that-a-way! All the uncertainties with puffed chest standing in the way…

And yet, this voice comes. This voice that tells you no, not that way.  You are here for a reason. All this will go away. Keep writing. Keep going, though your neck be too long, or your will not that strong. Keep fighting past the insecurities that time throws in the way. It will all go away.

And in the meantime, when you are silent, and no one is around, this voice will find you.  Your one, true, tiny and listless Friend. She will comfort you. She will ring true. She will be your one true confider, who will tell you: it won’t be long now. Just keep going.

The world awaits you.


*This work is part of a poetry collection Krista has published on Amazon called “Song of the Beloved”.  The First edition is now available on Kindle, but it is continually being updated.

Day 17: Why I am Here, Part I

This is a bold statement, I realize. I was going to begin with a question: “Why am I here?” But perhaps I have learned something already. Perhaps pretending to be real, pretending to know or not to know, isn’t the answer. Perhaps guessing is. Take a stab at it! If it ain’t the truth, it won’t ring true. But if you don’t try, what’s the point? You might as well Say… WHY.

The colours of my life are wonderful right now. I am riding on a wave of destiny. Who knows where, but that was last night. The where doesn’t concern me now; It’s the WHY.

I am here to grab you.
I don’t know why.
My defenses are slack.
My reason is why.
I have no excuses
No alarm bells to set off 
No delay tactics
No seductive tamperings
I cannot lie
Tell me why?
I am here to find out
Shout it out
From the rooftops of the sky
You don’t have to know WHY
Just do it, whatever calls to you,
Wails to you from the open sky
Do it
From your shy
ill-prepared mind.

I don’t know why. I really don’t.

But sometimes I feel it… I feel it when I hear it, when I know it, when I see it. I feel it when I dream it. I feel it when I rise up in the morning and something has shifted and I don’t know why. (Sometimes those are the best days… when I don’t know why.)

Some sorry-assed ‘Coordinator in the sky’  is trying His very, very best, handling me with great care; but nonetheless, he droops a little because… “I just don’t get it.” 
But this day – this moment, I silently “get it”, I silently try. I silently am ready to lift my hands to the sky and say YES! I will try. (I will try not to complain). Yes! I will try not to control everything! I will try not to predict the WHYs and WHEREFOREs of my very BEING.

I just get to Rise. I will rise to the occasion of “I don’t know WHY”

Because something in me is cooking; something in me is beckoningrising above the quaketops of my reason, the broadband of my reasoning; above the delay in the response, the trickles of light fever, the “sorry, I don’t get this, can you please repeat?”, the “Please, please tell me… WHY????”

Something in me doesn’t give a F— and just wants to Give IT. Deliver IT. Be IT. Quake NOT at the NOTHINGNESS of it all: The matter of  IT DOESN’T MATTER WHY; the quiet, timid reflections that make-us-feel-better-for-a-time-until-the-next-question-arises: That Next Heart-Stopping, Earth-shattering, Eye-Popping


But, as Shania says… (and I’m sorry about this, really):


Day 14: I Belong!

This morning I went to a yoga class I hadn’t been to in a while. That’s me, slipping in and out of things – alarming! Seriously, I ask myself, why do I get into things and then back away? I was even tempted to start all over – find another, better class; another, better teacher. But somehow, it all comes back to me. What am I so afraid of? That they won’t like me? That I won’t like them?

Are there really any better “anybodies” out there?…

I took a course last summer that changed my life – the Feminine Power series, with Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit. I learned we women need to belong; we need to feel we are an integral part of something and that our contribution matters.  And our way of stopping that is to over-do and try to please others, while “sabotagingly” (yes, I invent words) neglecting our own needs, wishes, desires. Our own Power.  There are many ways this shows up:  perfectionism, fear of failure, wanting to be loved but pushing other people away ( “reject them first”), working too hard or hiding behind work (“maybe I’ll get promoted and then they’ll like me”); hiding behind other people who know more than we do; pretending to like things we don’t just to fit in; and sacrificing ourselves as a whole.  It doesn’t matter what it is; I saw “me” looking back at myself – backing away from things, from people, from life.  A lot of it, disturbingly, spoke to me.

The solution is obvious but alarmingly overlooked: there is nowhere else and nobody else to go but within my own self, to talk to that troubled girl and help her find her balance again. Her strength. We learned to make power statements that spoke to this deepest part, to stand in the strength of our best internal instincts – our fierce protection of what matters, just as we would protect a child. The part that cries “No!” or “Yes!” without any hesitation at all.  Or my way of saying it:

The Lioness in Us Will Never Lay Down

I Belong. I am an integral part of Life. I have a right to be here. My contribution matters. I matter. I am a unique, perfect and absolutely irreplaceable part of the Universe. I cannot be annihilated or forgotten. I Belong! Damnit!

So, today, as I walked back into that class, I hesitated at the door and said these simple words to myself first: “I Belong.” I breathed in and imaged all the pleasant faces I would encounter, and the energy I would have.  This is what I heard and saw upon entering:  my previous teacher sitting pleasantly with some others in a colourful room brightly lit, cheerful music playing, sunny smiles abounding, and her eyes happily lit:

“KRISTA!!!…. Oooh, Where have you been?!!…..”  (Her hands sweetly hugging her chest)… “We MISSED YOU!!!….”

I will never, never do that again. Assume I don’t belong. Or that they don’t want me.  I was wrong. Beyond wrong – because I missed out on their life, and they missed out on mine. I realized through their eyes, their smiles, how dynamic I was, how much I brought to them.

Whether you know it or not, whether people tell you or not, you are needed in this universe of things. I no longer seek another, better universe to belong to.  I Belong now. I’ll take this one, and – whether it pats me on the back or not – this one is more than happy to take me.

chorus of song

Remember Mr. Percival Singing?  I Belong!!


Day 12: The Climb



“Jump off the high dive, woman.”
She looks at him.
“OK, have it your way.”
He picks her up and throws her in.
“Jump off the high dive, damnit.”
“NO. I can’t.”
“Yes you can.”
“No, I won’t.”
“Yes you will if I have anything to do with it.”
She pauses.
He smiles.
She runs.
He chases her.
She jumps in.
 “Go on, you can do it.”
“I know” she says and smiles.
But she doesn’t.
He pauses.
She looks at him.
“Why should I?” she asks.
“What are you waiting for?” he answers.
He waits.
She goes and climbs the first step.
“It’s cold up here.”
“I’m hungry. I want to come down now.”
“Why?” she asks again.
“Because you don’t want to.”
She goes one step further.
“It’s high up here.”
“I know.”
“What should I do now?”
“I can’t hear you…”
She contemplates.
Nobody is there.
She is all alone.
What do I do now?
Keep going.
She doesn’t go.
She tries to come back down,
But something keeps drawing her nearer.
She comes back down and rests.
She does other things to distract herself.
He doesn’t care.
He waits for her.
Then, when she is ready, she asks him again.
“What should I do now? Go again? Do you want me to?”
“Do you?”
“I do. Something is calling me nearer.”
“Then go if you want to. Do it.”
She goes again,
This time she is one step nearer.
Suddenly there is a crowd.
Only a few looking up at her.
She is doing something newer.
They are cheering for her.
This is fun again.
She climbs to the top and takes a peek at all there is to see.
She freaks and comes back down.
They pat her on the back, but she has a frown.
“What’s the matter?” they ask.
“I didn’t do it yet. I pretended to. I didn’t climb the whole way. I didn’t jump off.”
“So. You tried. That is enough.”
“NO. I want to go again.”
“Good. Then go.”
This time there is no one around.
She creeps out into the night.
She climbs the ladder fully and stands at the top.
She sings her song to the mountaintops and the trees.
She is free.
No one is listening
Or so she thinks.
In the morning there are people everywhere,
Crowding her for a time,
Congratulating her on her mountainous climb.
She is dumfounded.

“How did you know?”

“We could hear you.”



P.S. So, what number are you on?…

Krista Moore’s “The Climb”, written by Krista Moore June 1, 2011, posted on “Krista’s ‘Little Book of Miracles'”.