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Discerning the Good & the True

How do we know what is good and true and worth believing in? How do we reconcile our beliefs when there is such a buffet of spiritual ideas and choices available to us, that it becomes difficult to discern?

When I am not sure which way is up, it can be a very uncomfortable feeling. No one wants to feel that what they thought or believed may actually be harming them, and what they’ve been fighting against might be the very thing worth hanging on to!  It feels embarrassing not to know sometimes, and to make mistakes. That is human. It feels good to come to understanding, discernment and trust in what’s good.

I had to re-examine some of my beliefs and their source this summer, as the din of choices and clashing worldviews became too much.  Even though I have always been very open to new ideas, my boilerplate to return to again and again, has always been Jesus. Even at my most esoteric or “woo-woo”, my life would always find its way back to him. I was never an avid Bible thumper, though I believed in most of its tenents, while priding myself on being well-rounded and having many, many tools in my toolkit.

I read and studied A Course in Miracles and, though difficult at times, I found the loving tenants of never attacking others, loving your brother as yourself and forgiving everything from a place of purity not piousness, truly rewarding spiritually.


We have to care for our souls in a way that feeds

and nourishes us, without sacrificing what is

good, while boldly letting go of what is

no longer useful.


This lesson became very apparent as I faced my garden this summer…

In my garden there were many plants. I failed to weed for many years leaving a wildness that is beyond “wildflower” and more like weed failure. I felt guilty and didn’t want to hurt anything (what a great way to justify not doing anything!).  I felt paralyzed and overwhelmed by the chaos staring back at me – neglect; and too many possibilities of what could be better, that I didn’t know how to implement it on my own.

I needed the help of a qualified gardener, someone who could discern weed from flower, and help me face the weeds, pull them out, and even cover patches with yard bags to suppress them and make way for fresh new soil – a clear space, a clear mind…

And then we planted. We planted only what was beautiful, what was not competitive or strangling other plants, what grew where it was planted and complemented the other flowers. Not to mention created a buzzing haven for butterflies, birds and bees!

Within a month or two of real work, I had a beautiful garden. And that simple beauty allowed me the peace and clarity of mind I needed to do the necessary tending of the garden to protect and prevent those weeds from returning.

If something is beautiful, good and true,

we are more likely to protect it.


As above so below…

In the same way, in my spiritual life, I had allowed certain things in my life that I once thought were “OK” from a broader “everything is good, don’t judge anything” perspective; upon further reflection, study and surveying of the results of my actions, I had to reconsider them. And though they got me where I am, holding on to them did not bear good “fruit”.

For example, I found some ideas or tenets of the new age spiritual world a bit too permissive, or self-centered, and not in line with the basic guidelines of right and wrong, good and bad, which although not popular anymore, were created to protect us, not to harm us. It’s not popular to “judge” others for their choices, but it is very necessary to discern for myself.

Some things have to go into the fire of self-

reflection, release and purification…


Now I am starting to see the beauty, goodness and truth of a work in progress, without seeking outside of myself for instant gratification. I am slowly letting go of what no longer serves or resonates with me, and starting to see the value in doing the harder work of planting and protecting what is truly good and beautiful (like family, friends, service and spiritual life).

Where I once saw something as more desirable because it seemed easily attainable, instant or popular, I now see these ideas more like the “wildflower” weeds that grew up unabated in my garden, strangling out the flowers, and needing to be tamed.

I learned that I must not only nurture myself out of self-interest, but also consider the hopes, dreams and needs of the ones around me who depend on me, just like those beautiful flowers in my garden, for water, protection (“weeding”), light and love…

Each of us has to decide for ourself what is worth

keeping and nurturing, and what is not worth our

time or effort after all.

My “Internal Gardener” or Teacher helps me keep things straight on the path of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth.  When I get confused, weighed down by too many options, too much information, or regret, I go within, and take the time to sort it out.

It is my own conscience which tells me what is true and good, which path leads home, which Voice leads to a more loving outcome, and which leads only to sorrow, fear and pain.

Then my heart can sing again, as I embrace the miracles that come from creating and focusing on the good and the true in my life, and forgiving everything else…

The purity of our hearts (and not our heads)

will always lead us home to You…

Thank you!



Krista Moore hosts “Channel of Light” blogtalk radio show where she channels live for guest callers and listeners to help them receive guidance and healing; and Miracles Grow Here events for those seeking on the spiritual path. For more go to: www.mooremiracles.com.

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Finding Your Inner Path

It’s a beautiful new world, have you seen it yet?  Have you walked on the grass even though snow still tickles your nose?  Can you imagine the sun even when there is cloud?  Or a butterfly in winter – or a snowman in summer?  Or a castle in the sky?

The power of your mind is second to none.  The power of your heart, unstoppable. 

I awoke into a new world, even though I slept in the same bed.  My mind asked for something, and the heart shifted – a shift in consciousness, a lightness of being, a transformational path only the heart can take.  

What needed to happen in order to meet it where it was, to transform?  

Like the caterpillar that had been asleep in the cocoon, I awoke and shifted and realized I could bloom – right here in the Great White North – even after an eternal winter and an ice storm to boot.  

Like the first butterfly which fluttered by me a few weeks ago, it is never too soon to spread my wings.  purple-butterfly

As I stood on the path, the snow literally melting from under me, I must have felt like Oloff, the tiny snowman in Frozen, whose love is capable of witnessing such astounding beauty in the middle of darkness and possible death. As the fire literally begins to melt him while rescuing his friend, he says: “some people are worth melting for.”

oloff and anna melting for

My journey into darkness began with an intuitive sense that I had to go within.  Like Elsa, the new and frightened Queen in Frozen who escapes to the mountain to find herself, I needed an uninterrupted line to the Divine, a time to nurture my own soul and find out what I was capable of. Something on the inside needed to find its Reason, its Code, and then find its way home.  It was a deep dive. But like Elsa and the butterfly above, something beautiful emerged…  

elsa magical

Not only did I feel more connected and honest with myself, I also felt my life could change if I really wanted it to, that anything was possible, but maybe I didn’t have to go so far to find out.  I could witness and create this joy and love all around me, if I was willing to “sacrifice” the little, protective self, which hides itself away from life.  

Things that had once plagued me, tormented me, could just as easily be let go of

My heart slowly melted, allowing me to walk in a state of profound grace…  

2014-03-14 10.21.12

Everything suddenly seemed more alive and precious, every face, whether family member or stranger, instantly appreciated and cherished – even if for a moment – like that fleeting butterfly on my path. Warmth traveled from my  heart in a miraculous moment transforming  strangers to friends. 

What once seemed impossible and erroneous is instantly transformed

into a moment of beauty and wholeness.

Need we be literal and change where we are

or are we literally transformed in a moment that takes us to the heart of the matter?

Elsa finds herself lost in her “Kingdom of Isolation”, not realizing she had unwittingly set off an eternal winter in her homeland, while she held her magical gifts hostage to fear.  

In the end, her answer is not to run away to protect herself and others. She must go back and reverse her fear with love, while reclaiming her gifts for Love’s purposes.  

It’s so simple!  And yet, everything changes after that. 

Finding Your Inner Path 

If you have traveled a path of darkness too long, here is how to find that Inner Path of Light and Love, which is born within you and waits for your return: 

1. Question the “reality” of what you are thinking. You are likely wrong about yourself.

2. Let go of needing to know the answers with your head – and put your attention on your heart.  

3.  Reach in and then reach out.  Find your inner sanctum. Find a friend or God and pour it out.

4.  Then pour yourself back out into the world, in a moment of joy, a moment of true sharing.

  All will be transformed after that.

That is why its called a miracle.

Never let go of finding your inner path.  No matter how many times you get knocked back. Your desire and heart know the way.  The winter cannot hold.  The spring always comes.  And there is an eternal spring within that darkness can never touch. Only the heart loves.

Never listen to the dreary drone of nay-sayers or those who would try to “protect” you from wanting or knowing or saying too much – being too much.  Only those who understand your power can appreciate and love you for who you really ar. Never, ever give up on that.

Never let your practical, fearful self keep you from living a miraculous life.  Only your heart can know that, have faith in that, give that. It can go through the darkness, but grows stronger, and reconnects with the world giving its inner Light.

If you are still here, you are on the right path.

And you are in very good company.  🙂

Now go on, melt the world with Love!

Amen to that!


P.S. Remember…  You are a Miracle.  The Miracle Is YOU.  Amen to that.



Trusting in the Universe

 This year’s ending becomes a letting go, as a new beginning, both ancient and never seen before, turns from experience to expression with God’s grace in tow.  God bless All and Happy New Year!



The language of the universe speaks to me in short-hand,

Miracles flashing like mirrors in retrospect,

Springing up eternal –

Old friends become new again, and

New friends ancient and untold

Unwrap their secrets like fine candy wrapped in gold.


Seeds were planted along the way unbeknownst

And old bristling plants resilient to weather and storm

Broke and departed giving up the ghost

The earth seems hush in winter snow

Ice storm palaces in the trees unite

Sending their trickling dance of delight

Sparkling rich with stories of warm nights

And cold ones causing neighbours to reunite.


Lessons once planned in diligence are cancelled

As eternal students dance like spring in the streets 

Only to meet new ones hiding in their beds at night

Stealing away their sleep

Passages seem warmer as if we have travelled this way before

Ancient palaces and imposing doors 

Protected by trembling keyholes hiding angel’s wings

Ancient roads and delirious streams

Turn from well worn paths to golden streets.


Arrogant plans laugh and dissipate like dreams

As devastation turns with outstretched arms to relief

What once was held sacred and absolute

Twists and turns like a rubber band

Around a child’s fingers

Instantly abandoned for more gainly pursuits.


At some point we turn and ask ourselves

What’s the use?

Planning and devising as if we knew God’s plan entire

Casting our eyes on easy nets

While ancient bands conspire

All in darkness

Or so it seems

As the void becomes well lit

With tiny blazing stars at night

And glorious dawns and sunsets.


Music enters my weary mind

And dances with me for a time

Resting in a universe of stars

Entering into the palace of who we are

Can I ever give up the task

Of trying to outwit the devil and God at last?

Will I ever begin to see

That the palace of the universe of stars is in me?


Trusting in the universe  

As ancient keys pass to the child in me

Rediscovering the magic of eternal grace

Fortune’s tune smiling on an ancient face

Troubled times fall like weeds beneath my feet

As an open heart abandons itself to golden streets

Red purple violet yellow green

All the colours dance inside of me

Red purple oceans of Serene

Colours as yet unnamed and unseen.


Knowledge like an ancient crown returns

As Wisdom dances empty-handed,

Holding the keys to the Universe.



I wish you all a very Happy New year as you find your keys of gold! 



 The Miracle is You

P.S. What did you let go of in 2013? And what if you could imagine would your golden keys open to in 2014?  Write to me below or in private here.  Thank you. And Love.


Not for the Faint of Heart

There is a lie that goes like this:  If we feel good, everything is hunky-dorey.  If I have a good day, my life is grand. If I have a bad day, something is very wrong.  Sometimes I feel like my greatest defeats were entry-points to something greater. My most humiliating, self-defeating moments, my greatest glimpses into the path of freedom.

Most people are not willing to go there. Most people just want to feel good and know their own truth. Their own self-designed mechanism for putting a smile on their face each day.  I know this sounds cynical and downright scarey, but the truth is we don’t know the truth.  And that scares the frickin’ sh*%#t out of us.  We will do anything to make it OK.  We will agree with whatever is going to get us through the day.  And if life is going wonderfully, there is usually a shoe that falls. Why is that?

I don’t believe in negativity. I believe it exists, but I don’t believe in it.  I also don’t believe in cynicism or analysis. All the thinking in the world won’t get us there.  Has it yet?

I’m happy to feel good as much as the next person.  And I celebrate every good moment as it happens, the miracles that come to me, that I am willing to see, and willing to share. But the truth is, I don’t see most of them. And I suppress most of them inside of me.  Why is this?

Because it’s scary to tell the truth. It’s scary to say you love someone, and it’s even more scary to mean it and act like you do.  It’s easier to hide behind well-meaning phrases and sentiments, to play the game.  And then cry when your team loses, and realize you’ve been rooting for the other side.

It’s all a game.  That’s the comfort and the joy.  But when it falls down around you, like a giant puzzle you’ve been spending years assembling, it feels like hell. Why did I do all that? How am I ever going to start again?

The truth is, most people don’t know what love is. Especially those who seek it the most. Including me. I can play at it, but I cry like the next person when I fail to meet its enraptured promise and fall short of the love inside of me.  I know it’s there, but where is it when hide and seek never seems to end?

I’m not even talking about romantic love. I’m talking about love for everything, including myself.  It starts with me, but if I can’t win at it, is there any hope of loving someone else? Maybe.

My hope is in the understanding that we have no idea what we are, and that comforts me.  The fact that I don’t know, means there’s more to know and understand. And that is a huge blessing. If I knew everything now, and this is the mess I find myself in, then what hope is there for me? Of course, there is no hope in insanity.  But I also know the light in me. And when that light is on, all seems clear to me. Easy.

The truth is, I feel more love sometimes for strangers than I do for me, or for my “loved ones”.  My special family and friends.  Because there are no ties or expectations, no failures or examples to be made, it is just free.  A hello means just that, a thank you and a please. There are no other requirements to live by.  Just being myself, being free.

Full moon party, BVI

Full moon party


I had a healing circle at my place a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea who was coming. It was all left up to “fate”.  There was another party next door I could have gone too, a bit more traditional, but I didn’t. For some reason, I wanted to try something different.  I just wanted to.  There was no obligation, no hesitation, and no desire to make my life perfect for anyone to see. My kitchen was a mess, filled with teacups and saucers, and pans ready for sauces. It was a bustling, “here’s what it’s like just to be me.”  I didn’t have to please anyone.  People helped me. And I was delighted to just take a nap and see what came to me.

Each time the door opened, I felt a surge of happiness. Every face brought a surprise, a guest I hadn’t expected.  I felt like hugging them all, and I did! We spent the night out by the fire, doing meditations and prayers and sharing our stories and understandings.  And sometimes we disagreed. But there was a synergy I hadn’t expected, an ease.  It felt like family.

Maybe when we are stripped of our exterior, our desire to fit in, our feeling that we must understand everything before we begin – we can actually experience something and ride the waves of what the truth really is.  We can’t name it or even own it, it just is.  In glimpses, it comes, when we are least prepared.  When we are exhausted by trying.  When we give up the “fight” to win.  When we just “give” in.

That’s the truth as I see it, the truth I lost and won.  It isn’t the same for everyone. That’s why life on earth is so hard.  We all want to master our own game. But if we just throw up the puzzle pieces and ask for what may, if we just give in to what comes our way, what would happen to all our defenses? Explanations? Expectations?  I’d gladly give in.  I’d gladly lose and win.

Aaaahhh…..   that’s it for now.  A piece of my mind, and a glimpse of something greater within.  A huge mix to take in.  It isn’t for everyone, but it’s the closest I can get to true.









In Truth I Am Free… In Ecstasy I Climb


In ecstasy I climb, with the wind at my back and the breeze pulling me up the mountaintop and far beyond the sea.  From this place I can See. From this place I can Be. From this place I Know what is what, who I Am, All that Is and what is not. 

I can say Yes to Life and no to what?: promises of the past, self-deception, misinformation – clouds clouds clouds blocking my mind.

I can say Yes to the Knowledge that is Yes all the time.

That is mine.

I claim this today. For all time.


I let go of pain and sorrow and complaints. I let go of moodiness and uncertainty.  I let go of battling myself and everyone. I let go of wild imaginings big or small.  I let go of it all.


I fall into You. In Truth I am Free. The soft pedaled flower that opens with the sun.  That never re-closes and is never lost to anyone.  That becomes One Sun. One Certainty. Unchanging and Everlasting. Free.


I am Truth. I am Open. I am Free.

I am the Promise of what can Be.

I am never, never alone.  I am One Promise, One Truth, in Everyone.

In Truth I Rise, In Truth I See.  In Truth I am Whole, In Truth I am Free!


Amen to that.   

To You and Me.

To More and More of what can Be!



We are all Christ

The term Christ gets a bad wrap most days, relegated to conservative religious interpretation. But what is Christ?  From a biblical sense, our understanding (or misunderstanding) is that Christ lives in one man only, and that is Jesus.  But the New Testament scriptures tell us a much grander story, and after reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s explanation in his latest book, Wishes Fulfilled I am even more convinced of their efficacy and truth. Christ or Christ-Consciousness is the true Buddha-nature, the Atma, the Living One that lives in all of us.

In other words, We are all Christ.

 Quantum Physics is on our Side

“We have been all wrong!
What we have called matter is energy,
Whose vibration has been lowered
As to be perceptible to the senses.”
-Albert Einstein


Dr. Dyer explains it this way:  You were born into a body. That 1 year old body changed. Can you find that 1 year old body now? Where is the you that occupied that body? It is still here. But that body is now different/ new.  Dr. Deepak Chopra takes it one step further to assert that all bodies change 100% of the time. The body you occupied yesterday is not the body you occupy today. All the cells are constantly shifting (appearing / disappearing / dying / being born).  Quantum physics proves that matter is only energy temporarily appearing and disappearing. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed – it simply changes from one form to another.”

So where does this leave you, me, Us? 

We are not matter. We are energy / Spirit

We are the energy/ Spirit that creates and appears and disappears through matter. We are the invisible, indivisible energy that forms “particles”, that comes to offer ourselves up for a time and returns to our Source (did ever leave?).

Perhaps we are messengers, relay-ers of this energy/Spirit, and so need our bodies temporarily to relay these messages, live our lessons (to learn to love one another), until we are ready to return to pure Spirit, the Source of which we are always an eternal part.

I’ve Experienced this Truth in the Power of the Circle

I experience this truth (that we are One/ Christ / Spirit) without question when we are in a Circle. What is a circle?  A formation of women (or men, bodies do not matter as such) connected by a whole intention to know one another and themselves without limit.  To unite in a common goal of Love.

When I conduct my women’s workshops, called Evolutionary Woman, I experience, witness and become a greater force, a Miracle.

What is a miracle? A temporary dismantling of the physical laws and ego illusions that bind us to a bodily existence, and the temporary but truthful unveiling of what we really are:  connected, infinite, indivisible – Spirit.

When the women connect their hands and hearts together they are connected to Truth. They experience it in their hands (often sweating with the heat of energy pouring through them!), they experience the Light which grounds them to the core of the Earth, to the Centre of their hearts which fields their energy in Love, and to the metaphorical, metaphysical field of Light “above” them (God/ Spirit / Source) which really resides within us all, connecting all our hearts and minds together as One.

In A Course in Miracles, which I studied and lived for a year and a half, this is is what Jesus calls the Circle of Atonement. Where all are called and come to eventually.  Not for the forgiveness of “sins” but for the rebirth of humanity in a new reality of forgivness where there is no “sin” but only a mistake in seeing easily corrected. Our misperceptions divide us in ego consciousnesses.  Our Love unites us and “forgives” what has never been, in truth.

A New Reality

A new reality is possible when we claim our truth at the Light and Centre of our hearts and beings. This truth is what Jesus pointed to – not to himself as the only miracle-worker, but to all of us as one Christ/ Spirit, and to the Source of All.  That we, too, could be miracle-workers by redefining how we see each other and how we see the world.

 “… the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do.” 

              (John 14:12).

I am heartened and filled with Light when I contemplate the meaning of these words. I no longer doubt their truth, or that I could, can, and will become as great as He.  That is not arrogance, that is recognition of the truth of what we all are. To inspire is to “raise up” those who are in need to be equal with yourself. That is what Jesus did. And that is what we are called to do.

 Our Collective Purpose

Our Purpose is to recognize our own divinity, truth and power and to “love one another” as Our Self. 

Can we do this alone? No. Because we are not alone. We are not complete as separate bodies. We have to join our minds, our hearts and hands together, not in a sentimental way, but as the true force of Spirit, as the One that lives in All. Only then will we come to know ourselves as Spirit /Truth /Light.  What Jesus spent his 33 years trying to teach.  And the Christ will no longer be a single man to be worshiped, but a whole, Self-realized, actualized people who love one another as one in the same.



What are your thoughts on this? Do you see yourself as a separate body, a temporary mortal person, or as an immortal being who is here for a short time to learn, give and grow?   What is the Spirit in you seeing?

Ready or Not

I’ve been doing a little humming and hawing lately about sharing my most recent ventures. I so want to share with you what is percolating within and without, but timing is everything, right?

Well, not really! Sometimes I find waiting is detrimental to the soul. And I find my greatest insight from sharing.

So, here it goes…

Day 17: Why I am Here, Part I

This is a bold statement, I realize. I was going to begin with a question: “Why am I here?” But perhaps I have learned something already. Perhaps pretending to be real, pretending to know or not to know, isn’t the answer. Perhaps guessing is. Take a stab at it! If it ain’t the truth, it won’t ring true. But if you don’t try, what’s the point? You might as well Say… WHY.

The colours of my life are wonderful right now. I am riding on a wave of destiny. Who knows where, but that was last night. The where doesn’t concern me now; It’s the WHY.

I am here to grab you.
I don’t know why.
My defenses are slack.
My reason is why.
I have no excuses
No alarm bells to set off 
No delay tactics
No seductive tamperings
I cannot lie
Tell me why?
I am here to find out
Shout it out
From the rooftops of the sky
You don’t have to know WHY
Just do it, whatever calls to you,
Wails to you from the open sky
Do it
From your shy
ill-prepared mind.

I don’t know why. I really don’t.

But sometimes I feel it… I feel it when I hear it, when I know it, when I see it. I feel it when I dream it. I feel it when I rise up in the morning and something has shifted and I don’t know why. (Sometimes those are the best days… when I don’t know why.)

Some sorry-assed ‘Coordinator in the sky’  is trying His very, very best, handling me with great care; but nonetheless, he droops a little because… “I just don’t get it.” 
But this day – this moment, I silently “get it”, I silently try. I silently am ready to lift my hands to the sky and say YES! I will try. (I will try not to complain). Yes! I will try not to control everything! I will try not to predict the WHYs and WHEREFOREs of my very BEING.

I just get to Rise. I will rise to the occasion of “I don’t know WHY”

Because something in me is cooking; something in me is beckoningrising above the quaketops of my reason, the broadband of my reasoning; above the delay in the response, the trickles of light fever, the “sorry, I don’t get this, can you please repeat?”, the “Please, please tell me… WHY????”

Something in me doesn’t give a F— and just wants to Give IT. Deliver IT. Be IT. Quake NOT at the NOTHINGNESS of it all: The matter of  IT DOESN’T MATTER WHY; the quiet, timid reflections that make-us-feel-better-for-a-time-until-the-next-question-arises: That Next Heart-Stopping, Earth-shattering, Eye-Popping


But, as Shania says… (and I’m sorry about this, really):