Krista Moore offers a variety of transformational workshops and retreats to unleash your miracle potential, ignite your magical creative abilities, and inspire your spiritual and personal growth!  NEXT UP: MYSTICAL TUSCANY RETREAT! May 23-29, 2016

2015-16 Offerings

“Krista, the courses gave me a sense of me. One that I’ve been missing. Thank you for the time that you gave to each of us, the warmth and care that you showered on us and for sharing with us in the way that you have grown. It’s enabled me to grab some of those ideas and work with them. Thank you!”

Sue T., EW Participant

MYSTICAL TUSCANY RETREAT – May 23-29, 2016  Tuscany, Italy

Mystical Tuscany Retreat 2016 poster An amazing personal and a group experiential week of mystical, magical surprises, and an evolutionary boost of transformative power for the spiritual-minded. Hosted by Krista Moore, Cezarina Trone, Santari Green and Kathryn-Alexis Weygard and villa owner and artist Gaia at the beautiful 17th Century villa of La Chiara di Prumiano in the hills outside of Florence.

Experience the Miracle of Tuscany in You! 

See the Mystical Tuscany Retreat website for early bird special rates, prices, accommodation and group activities, online registration. It will be sold out soon, so take a look!

FALL YOGA & HEALING RETREAT – Brighton, ON Oct 23-25/15

At Lotus Heart Centre, Brighton, Ontario. See both flyers and all booking details here.





See all information here.

Past Life Regression – Group Demos & Workshops

historical kings and queens plr 3

Ever wondered if you have been here before? Or why the soul comes back again? Explore the frontiers of Past Life, Future Life and Interlife (life between lives) with Krista Moore as your Guide & Metaphysical Hypnosis Facilitator/Teacher.  Ask about custom rates for your group.

Private sessions also available. For more info on past life, see my article Miracles Across Time.


musical angel from cezarina and ka

 Channelled Healing & Hypnosis – Angelic Realm

Be inspired by the angelic realm with Krista Moore. May include CCMBA/CCMSC hands-on-healing, angelic sound, channelling and guided meditation for transformation and healing. Book in advance to ensure you receive this powerful healing energy!

 See also Private and Group Sessions.

Featured Workshop Offerings:

Workshops and teachings may include:

  • Transformational teachings and exercises to enhance personal discovery and growth
  • CCMBA/CCMSC Hands-on-healing, energetic clearing and transmissions
  • Hypnosis and Guided visualization to supercharge your positive intentions, visions and goals
  • Spiritual direction and guidance to find your life purpose and live it fully
  • Learning how to enhance your intuitive abilities to better navigate your life
  • Past Life, Future Life and Interlife exploring to discover your soul’s journey, gifts and possibilities
  • Divine Sound & Music Flow to increase your consciousness, vibrational frequency and mood
  • Mystical Writing and poetry, and many forms of creative expression
  • Unleashing the magical and divine inner child through sensory & creative play
  • Channelled messages through Angelic realm, Ascended masters and Higher Council
  • Healing international retreats to restore your heart, mind and soul
  • Ongoing inspiration & opportunities to gather with the Miracles Network community
  • Ask! We can always customize based on your specific needs and desires!

See also Events and Private Sessions also available.


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What People Are Saying…


Erin and Jayne muskoka 2012

“Transformational! I really allowed myself to let go and let in new ideas.  It was truly inspirational.”

~ Jane Saundercook, retreat participant



IMG_1047 (2)” The Evolutionary Woman’s Circle is a wonderfully warm gathering where together we learn, we grow, and we evolve to our next best version of who we already are.

Based on much knowledge and wisdom, Krista has put together a gentle, engaging, and compassionate program. She has empathic leadership skills and is a wonder at opening up a beautiful space for women to connect, support, learn, and expand. Her energy, creativity, and sparkle have no bounds! She is genuine, open-hearted, and a woman of integrity.

What Krista offers is unique, empowering, and ahead of the curve. I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to tap in to this amazing venue.

“If the purpose of the Evolutionary Women’s Circle could be distilled into one sentence, would it look like this: To awaken and realize our influence and potential both as individuals and groups, to then become the fully alive, effective and deliberate creators that we can be.”

It has been pivotal! TEN GOLD STARS!!!” 

– Marion Morrish


Allison-frame-216x300“I had enrolled in Krista’s Evolutionary Women Series not knowing what to expect.  Krista’s gift is to lead people through a variety of exercises & personal sharing to a new and deeper level of personal growth, self-awareness and understanding.  She brought things to me that I had not considered before and I had a number of “AHA moments”.  I love the fact that many of us from the group have built strong friendships outside of EW….building a “like-minded” community in the world.”

– Allison Frame, EW participant, The Divine Destination Collection 

” Krista is a warm, compassionate person, who really knows how to take a group of people to the heart of a matter. She is an excellent facilitator of groups, skilled at ensuring people get a turn to express what’s on their minds, and knows when it’s important to revisit a topic at another time. She’s also an expressive and thought provoking writer.”

 Nadia Heyd


Santari“Krista has such a glorious melt-in-your-mouth voice that you know you will journey deeply with her. Take advantage of the opportunity without delay.”  – Santari Green, Visionary Life Coach









Krista Moore is a soon-to-be Spiritual Director & Mentor (i), professional actress, prolific writer and published author, and speaker, dedicated to authentic self-expression and spiritual transformation.  She is the creator of “Evolutionary Woman” Workshops and Circles in Toronto and her latest transformational workshops she originated at spiritual retreats like The Divine Destination Collection in Muskoka- combining her love of the spiritual quest with her dynamic, creative qualities and mystical spirit.

Radiating her passion with an open heart and honest, engaging style, Krista seeks to liberate others through intuitive talks and writings, including her first book, Song of the Beloved: A Mystical Journey, and her soon to be published Book of Miracles, which began based on her popular 30 Days of Miracles series).  Her voice and presence resonate deeply with readers and audiences, as she continues to collaborate with other visionary, conscious creators who want to connect, transform and celebrate a new way of being in the world.

If you would like to book a private sessionspeaking engagement or workshop with Krista, please contact us.


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